New to Cake Decor! Check out my themed Peaky Blinders Cake :) 3

Hi, fellow decorators! It’s my first time posting one of my cakes on this forum! I would love to get some helpful opinions and feedback on my most recent themed Peaky Blinders cake. I created a webpage for a school project that highlights the...

Which icing? 3

Which icing is most suitable for this effect? Thanks!!


Cake Pricing 1

How much extra should you charge for cakes that are extremely large and/or detailed? I did these unicorn cakes and charged $5.00 per serving (they were both 8 layers and 42” in length). I fell like I only broke even based on the hours of work...

Sultana Rajia Naznin

New member 1

Hello everyone I am a new member at this forum.

CreativeExplo ( Sharon Siriwardena)

Gone but not forgotten 2

The Cake Collective Collaboration Group will be releasing its next Collab “Gone but not forgotten” on 30th of September 2019. Almost 60 Sugar Artists will be paying tribute to Stars we lost due to Mental health, accidents and natural Causes....

HELP!! Need some advice and input 4

Hi I am having to do my cousin’s wedding cake and she has switched up the idea on me. She now wants this type of cake (see picture). Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the icing to look like that?

Tea Latin

Pozdrav or Hello from my little but beautiful Croatia! 9

Hello,everyone! I wannted to become a part of this sweet community for such a long time but never had enough self confidence to “click” here and present myself! Now I see I was just loosing time not seeing all those beautiful cakes and art you...

Hello everyone 3

Hello everyone I am a new member I am really happy to meet you all


Help with dairy free eggless cake recipe 14

My great nephew has a number of food allergies. I will be making a cake for his 1st birthday and was hoping someone can help me with a cake recipe and also a frosting that contains no eggs or dairy. Would appreciate any help.

Purbaja B Chakraborty

Cake Decorator of the Week 7

Thank you so much cakes decor for choosing me as cake decorator of the week. It’s an honour for me. A dream come true for me. But , due to my health problem(totally bed ridden since 15 days) I am unable to share my happiness in time. But it’s...

Benny's cakes

Cake Decorator of the Week 24

Thank you so much, CakesDecor for the featured as Cake Decorator of the Week! It is a great honor for me! I want to thank everyone who supports me and appreciates my work! Be happy and blessed! Thanks again! Albena Bojidarova

Newbie sents her Greetings :) 2

Greetings to all :) Just found this place and I must say I am “WOW”. So thankful to have found CakesDecor. Looking at all the beautiful and fabulous cake photos…I am nothing compare to you guys! Thank you for accepting me into this wonderful...


More likes for my cakes 8

Hi, I work as a decorator for a 5 years and i keep posting pictures of my most beautiful creations quite often. But most my cakes got most likes ang got selected to be within top 3 a f top 10 etc. But suddenly I got a drop of my likes and thus...

A real live okie here. 1

I am self taught, and enjoy making cakes, playing piano, writing short stories, and what little time I have left on earth. I am a very young age of 75, and by the grace of a mighty God, I had cancer and He eradicated it, “Praise His name!!!” ...

Sandra Smiley

Cake Decorator of the Week 135

Thank you so much, CakesDecor for the honor of being featured as Cake Decorator of the Week! It is a huge honor and I am both thrilled and humbled. Thanks to everyone who is always so supportive and kind. Hugs to all! XOXO

Melanie Mangrum

Painting on SMBC, need advice 0

I’m a semi-retired Baker/decorator. Things change fast in the decorator world! I’ve been seeing lots of flowers painted on bc cakes. They look beautiful and I’m confident in my ability to do it, but what I’m wondering, if I paint beautiful...

Hello Everybody 0

Je m’appelle Emilie et je viens d’arriver sur le site. Je fais du cake design depuis 2011 et j’ai une formation de base de cuisine et pâtisserie. Je suis sur le site car je souhaite me perfectionner et pourquoi pas partir travailler à...

Anyone been to a Julien Flower class? 1

I’m keen to attend some of Julienflower’s chocolate flower classes coming up in Australia but just wondered if anyone else has attended one of her workshops and how you found it?

Sweet Harvest Cakes

Hello from Australia! 6

Hi everyone, My cake journey began 7 years ago making birthday cakes for my children and family members. I quickly realised this is something I enjoy and might actually be able to offer to the wider community. Just over a year ago I finally...