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VALENTINE’S DAY CHALLENGE – IELLE vs 3D HEART: how small can I make it?

Karen MacFadyen

Hi all 5

I haven’t been around for a while, as life got in the way. Now I am back and determined to keep in touch. I am busy creating a membership site to help with confidence and pricing, swapping a hobby into a professional business.

TnK Caketory

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I hav been away for long. Wish to meet more of u. Pls follow my profile and msg urs in comments

Michal Bulla

What is your main job? 33

Hey all, I’m not sure If we had forum topic like this, but I’m really interested in what is your main job? I know that some of you are lucky enough and do Cake Decorating as a hobby and for living as well, but I’m pretty sure that there are...

The Garden Baker

So who are you making cakes for nowadays? 9

With the onset of corona shutdown world wide, I’m just wondering if there is still anyone out there making and delivering real cakes. The 11 month b’day cake that I made for my grandson will probably stay boxed up in the freezer. (Yes, boxed up...

Michal Bulla

Corona Virus 21

Hey all, I hope you are all well. Here in Slovakia, we are in emergency mode – all schools, bars, shopping centers are closed to prevent the virus from spreading. Fortunately, we don’t have lot of confirmed cases so far, but the precedence in...

Sandra Smiley

Tornado in Nashville, Tennessee 29

Hello, dear friends! I wanted to let you know that we are safe with no damage from the devastating tornado which touched down near us a couple of nights ago. It first touched down about 25 miles east of us and continued on an eastward path. ...