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What is your main job?

Hey all,

I’m not sure If we had forum topic like this, but I’m really interested in what is your main job? I know that some of you are lucky enough and do Cake Decorating as a hobby and for living as well, but I’m pretty sure that there are many of you who decorate cakes only as a side job or just as a hobby.

Let us know what is your main job ;)

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Sandra Smiley

Hi Michal! I am retired, but I spent my working life doing advertising, commercial art and sales, nothing cake related. I also painted portraits for many, many years.

Regina Coeli Baker

I have a degree in chemical engineering, and also a degree in pastry arts… I had the chance to work in both fields. But I found my real vocation at home, my true happiness was found homeschooling 5 children. I still make cakes, pastries, etc for my family and community, but only as a hobby.


Hi Michal! I’m a grandma, retired, and do cakes for family & friends. What little money I do make usually goes back into tools or supplies for my next order & experimenting with recipes. I find it very difficult to come up with a price at the time of people placing orders or shortly thereafter. I’m getting better as times goes by. I also do get stressed hoping things turn out like I picture them in my head. Happy to say so far everyone has been extremely happy with what I’ve done. I’m in a couple of groups that are great for confidence & knowledge building. Cakes Decor being one, for sure.

Laura Willey

My “real job” that pays my bills…..I work for the State Police. A lot of my customers are fellow employees. My most popular cake is one shaped like a trooper hat.

Penny Sue

I used to work a hairdresser then beauty consultant, as my kids are now grown up, I decided to do what I’ve always wanted to do, and that’s make cakes! So it’s now a full time job for me.

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Hey Michal
Thanks for the new forum. Like fellow member Guppy, I too am retired, a grandma that makes cakes mostly for my family and grandchildren. Make the very occasional paid cake. And I’m a Icing Smiles (Canada) sugar Angel. I’ve participated in a few cake Collaborations as well. I was a preventative dental assistant, then receptionist for many years before I had my children. Then when I went back to work, after staying home a few years raising my children, I had a career change. I was a psw (personal support worker) for 20 years, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Dr RB.Sudha

I am into teaching Baking and Cosmetics,I am also an Vedic Astrologer and give personal consultation .I love decorating and now my current interest is wired sugar dolls


My main job? NOTHING:) I Also am a retired grandma but my family never supported my decorating:( At different times I’ve had two bakeries so all my baking went to the general public I no longer bake/decorate as I have a tiny kitchen, live w/daughter who gets upset about the “mess” the few times I tried so now my baking is limited to sweet breads that I give to my coworkers — I work 1day a week as a demonstrator at a Costco werehouse store —on disability for a work injury the past 1&1/2 yrs :( I participate on cake boards sharing my 40 yrs experience, to keep my fingers in suger & flour

Jeanne Winslow

I am a retired Grandma now but spend most of my life in retail management and sales. I am enjoying the world of decorating as it is fluid and is constantly changing with new ideas and innovative products.

Sweet Art Cakes

I am a full time insurance broker. I’ve been making cakes for 10 + years for family and friends and have loved every minute of it. I call it my stress reliever from the day job lol. I only get to make cakes in the evenings and weekends so I have had some extremely long nights getting a cake finished on time but it is always pure joy to see the final result and I surprise even myself sometimes with what the end result is :) I’ve dabbled in all kinds of art forms throughout my life but this medium allows me to be able to keep creating cakes because it is edible and everyone always has another birthday, anniversary, etc. I absolutely love seeing the work of other cake artists (they are all amazing!!!!) from around the world and I love that you can continually learn and try new things in creating cakes.


Hi, Michal! I really find time for cakes with just a handle, since I’m busy. I work as a teacher of Slovak language at primary school. I got to cakes 6 years ago after my daughter’s wedding. It was not easy to find a confectioner that would bake a beautiful wedding cake – the decoration of the wedding table. Managed to. The cake charmed me and I thought I wanted to learn it. And since then I bake mainly for the family and my friends. I always look forward to every new cake and I enjoy decorating it. Well, CakesDekor became my daily companion and inspirator. ❤️

Ahoj, Michal! Na torty si nájdem čas naozaj len úchytkom, nakoľko som zamestnaná. Pracujem ako učiteľka slovenského jazyka na základnej škole. K tortám som sa dostala pred 6 rokmi po svadbe mojej dcéry. Nebolo ľahké nájsť cukrárku, ktorá by upiekla krásnu svadobnú tortu – ozdobu svadobného stola. Podarilo sa. Torta ma očarila a povedala som si, že sa to chcem naučiť. A odvtedy pečiem hlavne pre rodinu a známych. Vždy sa teším na každú novú tortičku a užívam si jej zdobenie. No a CakesDekor sa stal mojím každodenným spoločníkom a inšpirátorom. ❤️


I work in Hr as an Administrator Assistant. I’ve owned my own cake business in the past and a family matter came up that I needed to stop for awhile. Now I do cakes on the side and dream of cakes all day. I’m trying to get things in order to start back up and do more.

Cathy Q

Score 2 for chemical engineers – Regina Coeli. I Started baking a big fancy cake for my kids birthday each year – whatever they wanted but I now find myself being asked about cakes by many others that have eaten my cake at parties. Took a break from ChE in the last year or so, so I’ve been able to do more.


Hi Michal, thank you for all your effort making this site better and better!
I’m a grandmother and I’ve been making cakes for family and friends since I quitted my job as accountant. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to make cakes whenever I like, just as a hobby.
Have a nice day :)


Hi Michal!
I am a structural engineer working as an engineer but cake decorating taking much of my time so i cant say its just a hobby or side work as its my passion and what i love to do most of time 💕