CakesDecor Group Guidelines

At CakesDecor, our mission is to curate a group where everyone can gather in their love and passion for cake decorating.

Whether you’ve come to ask questions or to generously share what you know, join us in building a group where all people feel welcome and can participate, regardless of expertise or identity.

As in life, not every person on CakesDecor will share the same values and interest, and sometimes strong opinions can lead to heated debate. Since we can’t be around for every discussion, you can help our group thrive by keeping these guidelines in mind.

Our Expectations

  1. Be kind and respectful to other members
  2. Be constructive when giving feedback
  3. Be open when receiving feedback

Unacceptable Behavior

  1. Non-English posts
    All content you post must be in English or must contain an English translation. Feel free to use Google Translator for translations.
  2. Subtle put-downs or unfriendly language
    Even if you don’t intend it, this can have a negative impact on others.
  3. Name-calling or personal attacks
    Focus on the content, not the person. This includes terms that feel personal even when they're applied to content (e.g. “lazy”).
  4. Bigotry
    We don’t tolerate any language likely to offend or alienate people based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion — and those are just a few examples. Use stated pronouns (when known). When in doubt, don't use language that might offend or alienate.
  5. Harassment
    This includes, but isn’t limited to: bullying, intimidation, vulgar language, direct or indirect threats, sexually suggestive remarks, patterns of inappropriate social contact, and sustained disruptions of discussion.
  6. Advertising
    Commercial advertising or overt self-promotion.
  7. Spam
    Improper posting practices, such as thread hijacking, spamming, going off-topic and incorrect content placement.


Those who don’t follow Guidelines in good faith may face repercussions deemed appropriate by our moderation team. This is how moderators generally handle misconduct:

  1. Warning
    For most first-time misconduct, moderators will remove offending content and send a warning. Most issues are resolved here.
  2. Account Suspension
    For repetitive misconduct or behavior containing harassment, bigotry, or abuse, moderators will impose a temporary suspension.
  3. Account Expulsion
    For very rare cases, moderators will expel people who display a pattern of harmful destructive behavior toward our group.


Every person contributes to building a kind, respectful group. If you find unacceptable behavior directed at yourself or others, you can contact us.

Ownership of content

  1. CakesDecor makes no claim of ownership to the posts. Your material remains your property.
  2. All posts must fit within the guidelines of the site and may be edited by the site's moderators - without notice - to fit within the posting rules.
  3. Posts may be used in the CakesDecor newsletters and CakesDecor social pages (Facebook, Pinterest,Instagram etc.). Always with a link back to your original post on CakesDecor.
  4. If you choose to leave the site, you have the choice of letting the posts remain or be removed.


Each Tutorial has to be “complete”, meaning that the tutorial should have adequate instructions for someone to recreate your process from start to finish. You can embed the video or add a link to the tutorial on your website, however, tutorials that contain just a few steps and are linked to “the rest of the tutorial” will be removed.