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Jos Sluizeman

Isomalt 13

Hi everyone it has been a while since I posted something. Had just taken a break. Now I have started my blown & pulled sugar confectionery again. My show piece is called golden pheasant. Made of isomal. I hope you like it.


Greetings from Holland! 12

Hello fellow cakemakers, My name is Simone and my little baking business is called “SugarNinja”. I’m from Holland, Europe and I love modeling, making (cup)cakes and decorating cookies. I’m not really new here but I haven’t yet been really...

Iced Biscuit Packaging 0

Hi everyone, I’m new to making iced biscuits and lookokg for nice packaging / clear lid boxes. I feel I’ve looked everywhere on the Internet and must be missing something. Can anyone suggest where I can buy some at a decent price, maybe starting...

TnK Caketory

Follow for follow 0

I hav been away for long. Wish to meet more of u. Pls follow my profile and msg urs in comments Www.cakesdecor.com/amar

TnK Caketory

Hello from TnK 0

Hello everyone. I have beeen A part of this forum since a long long time. Just got out of touch. So want to reintroduce myself This is Amar from TnK Caketory. Am mother to two children. It so happened that . We ordered a cake for my sons...

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Ice Cream Van/Truck Cake Tutorial

It’s been a while since I last got the chance of making a cake tutorial. This lockdown has got me on my feet like clockwork 😆 Any way, since its somewhat summer(as the sun loves playing hide and seek) in the UK. I came up with this little...

DESSERTS #2: Meringues with strawberry and raspberry mix

Nothing says Summer time like a Strawberry dessert! Our Ambassador from Poland Justyna Kowal shows you how to make this mouthwatering treat in a simple step by step tutorial. Give it a go and enjoy it sitting in your garden! To view the...

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New CakesDecor Features #16: Coffee Break Forum

Hey all, Today, we’ve launched new Coffee Break Forum for you, so you can chat about anything that comes to your mind. We hope you’ll enjoy this new forum and it will strengthen the CakesDecor community. You can discuss anything in this forum,...