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Cake decorator of the week 2

I’m overwhelmed and honored to receive the awesome news! Glad to be a part of among friendly and very talented group of artists. Thank you Cakes Decor team!


Cake Decorator of the Week 18

Hi, dear friends! I just learned the amazing news that I became Cake decorator of the week. It is a great honor for me. I didn’t really expect that and I’m really looking forward to it. I wholeheartedly thank the CakesDekor team for choosing me....

Aleja Jijón

Soy nueva en el grupo 6

Hola a todos.. Mi nombre es Aleja Jijón es un gusto formar parte de este grupo.. Espero les gusten mis pasteles y si puedo ayudar en algo aquí estaré 😘😘

The Garden Baker

sugar sheet question 7

I’ve never made a sugar sheet before and would appreciate some help / info from those of you who know: After the sugar sheet has been prepared and placed on the cake, can the cake with the sugar sheet on it be stored in a box in the freezer? In...

Agnes Havan-tortadecor.hu

Cake Decorator of the week. 22

I received an email on Sunday that I read only today and at first thought it was a scam. Am I the cake decorator of the week? It can only be a misunderstanding or a mistake. Even now, I have a hard time believing, I had to read four times to...

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FREE Lovelace Sugar Rose Workshop- Petal Dusting

Hi Everyone, I am holding a FREE online workshop next week on how to use petal dusts to Raise the Level of Artistry in your Sugar Roses. You can reserve your FREE place here https://sugar-ruffles.newzenler.com/workshop-signup/ In this...

FLOWERS #16: Dianthus Tutorial By Albena Bojidarova

We don’t know about you but we are loving the summer flowers in our gardens! This is just stunning from Albena Bojidarova Albena shows you how to make this Dianthus flower using our Pasta Bouquet in this detailed step by step tutorial. ...

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New CakesDecor Features #16: Coffee Break Forum

Hey all, Today, we’ve launched new Coffee Break Forum for you, so you can chat about anything that comes to your mind. We hope you’ll enjoy this new forum and it will strengthen the CakesDecor community. You can discuss anything in this forum,...