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The Garden Baker

A new look to the cake page? 20

Maybe it’s just my computer, but there seems to be a new look to the cake page. At first I couldn’t even figure out where /how to upload a comment. The “new” button seems to be gone. Then I found the “+” button. Changes make me uncomfortable...

Cake decoration help! 2

Hi, I would like to make the cake pictured. Any idea how I can achieve this blue, and any idea how I could make the gold decorations? Many thanks


Cake Central Members 16

Hey… following SandraSmiley’s suggestion, I did wander over and start an account… I figured I would also put a post up in the introduction area that we can respond to so as to find each other… Just in case anyone does wander over… Howdy all! ...

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Cake Decorating Styles 4

Over the years I have seen so many interesting cake styles, from basic round cakes to tilted or wonky, mirror glazed, gravity defying, sculpted, Geodes and on and on. Each time I think I have learned everything there is to know about design some...


Christmas Contest Prize! 6

Hey everyone! I just had to share this with you all…. I was so happy to see my prize arrive through the post! I still cannot believe I actually won something because this has never happened to me like ever!!! Thank you Cakes Decor and...

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French Bulldog Topper


I was so excited to use this doggie mold I’d gotten over Christmas. I’ve made a short video while I was working on it.

Sugar Sheet Technique

NEW trend: the sugar sheet technique! Here’s a tutorial on how I make my sugar sheet, there are many techniques, but this one works for me!

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New CakesDecor Features #15: CakesDecor Redesign 2020

Hey all. Revitalized and reinvigorated we are getting back on track this year to continue improving our CakesDecor family website. We are excited to announce you the long-awaited CakesDecor redesign!!  New Home Page We decided to get...