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My sweet hobby

Cake decorator of the week 5

Thank you very much, CakesDecor for the great surprise! Wow, what a wonderful start to the new year! 😍 I am so happy to be announced as a Decorator of the week! It is a great honor for me! Thanks to my friends and followers for all the support...

Hi 0

Hi everyone, I am Reshma, a self taught cake designer..

Konstantina - K & D's Sweet Creations

Member of the week 16

I’m so glad to be announced member of the week!! Thank you CakesDecor!! Thank you my friends for all the support you’re giving me!! Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!

Stylish baking

Stabilized whipped cream or Buttercream 3

Hi everyone hope your all well. I have a few questions: 1. Is it ok to ice a cake with stabilized Whipped cream when selling cakes to customers etc as I find it alot lighter and less sweet 2. Is it ok to fill a cake with whipped cream and...

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Pink Fudge Heart Popsicle Recipe

Hi and welcome back to my kitchen. With Valentines just around the corner are you looking for the perfect gift or maybe another idea to add into your treat boxes. In this weeks video tutorial I show you how to make these pretty...

Wafer Paper #12: Alstroemeria Lily Tutorial for cake decorating ** FREE TEMPLATE** | Anna Astashkina

Hello, friend! We’re in the thick of winter over here in Illinois… And I thought, let’s bring some sunshine with this Wafer Paper Alstrometias! Did you know that this flower symbolizes friendship? In this tutorial, you will learn how to...

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CakesDecor Theme: Wedding Cakes - part 61

Hi everyone! Here are some of the gorgeous wedding cakes posted in August. So wonderful to see that weddings are still going ahead! There were some absolutely beautiful cakes! – Congratulations to every one featured and a huge...