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Michal Bulla

What is your main job? 30

Hey all, I’m not sure If we had forum topic like this, but I’m really interested in what is your main job? I know that some of you are lucky enough and do Cake Decorating as a hobby and for living as well, but I’m pretty sure that there are...

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Couture Cakers Collaboration 2020 Edition 9

Hi friends, we are LIVE this year with our fourth annual collab. This year’s theme is “Islamic Bridal Dress with Hijab”. https://www.facebook.com/CoutureCakersInternational/ Please come check us out and share away if you’d like. Thank you for...


Rude & Demanding clients 3

Hi all! I am new to the business of making cakes for other people as my own business and not at a bakery. Up to this point (two years into it) I have never had an unhappy client. A woman got a quote from me for a 3 tiered wedding cake. She didn’t...

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How To Get Smooth Butter Cream that Stands up to Heat and Humidity

I have be decorating cakes for 3 months shy of two years now and have had many challenges decorating cakes in a climate that is always hot and humid. My little cake studio is just off of my office and I run the AC at about 77F to 80F (...

How to make a Cute Lion Cake Topper Tutorial

Hi and welcome back to my kitchen. In this weeks video tutorial I show you how to make this cute lion fondant cake topper. A few months ago I shared a tutorial showing you how to make a cute elephant cake topper and he was so much...

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New CakesDecor Features #16: Coffee Break Forum

Hey all, Today, we’ve launched new Coffee Break Forum for you, so you can chat about anything that comes to your mind. We hope you’ll enjoy this new forum and it will strengthen the CakesDecor community. You can discuss anything in this forum,...