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Hello from Africa 0

Great to be here. Wishing everyone a blessed week ahead



Hola, mi nombre es Mirian de Naranjito, Guayas, Ecuador. No soy experta en decoración, pero hago lo que puedo, trato de superarme dia a día aprendiendo nuevas tendencias. Me gustaría aprender cake designer y todo lo exista en decoración 😍 😘


Hello! 4

Hi, I’m Vicki. I’ve been making cakes as a hobby for many years and I love learning new techniques! I’ve recently started up my blog where I share my cake adventures. I am so happy to be part of this community and to meet all of you talented cake...

Karen MacFadyen

Hi all 5

I haven’t been around for a while, as life got in the way. Now I am back and determined to keep in touch. I am busy creating a membership site to help with confidence and pricing, swapping a hobby into a professional business.

new member 4

Hi I’m Michelle from UK. i got drawn to this site while looking at an elegant cake from this website. i hope to learn more techniques and ideas. the talents on this website is amazing.

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Cute Groot - Tutorial with TEMPLATES

You’ll find the full FREE tutorial with downloadable TEMPLATES here :) —> https://crumbavenue.com/tutorials/groot-2 You’ll find the full FREE tutorial with downloadable TEMPLATES here :) —>...

Sugar Model Tutorials #3: Seal Sugar Model Cake Topper Tutorial

Hi everyone. Hope you are all safe and well. Just sharing how I made this cute seal cake topper. Happy caking! https://acakeonlife.com/make-this-seal-cake-topper/

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