Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

Cake Designing/Sketching Software? 11

Does anyone know of a good cake designing software for pc’s for computer illiterate people like myself? Something easy to draw with? thank you!

Dolcidea creazioni

Cake decorator of the week 7

Thanks for choosing me as the decorator of the week and thanks to everyone for the support😘

Global Paf Molds 1

Anyone got any experiences using teh baby molds? I have two and just don’t seem to be able to get a very neat seam to them, they are the 3d molds. Not much support from teh web site either.

The Garden Baker

So who are you making cakes for nowadays? 9

With the onset of corona shutdown world wide, I’m just wondering if there is still anyone out there making and delivering real cakes. The 11 month b’day cake that I made for my grandson will probably stay boxed up in the freezer. (Yes, boxed up...

Michal Bulla

Corona Virus 21

Hey all, I hope you are all well. Here in Slovakia, we are in emergency mode – all schools, bars, shopping centers are closed to prevent the virus from spreading. Fortunately, we don’t have lot of confirmed cases so far, but the precedence in...

Urvi Zaveri

Cake decorator of the Week 11

Thank you so much for the honour . This is the most amazing thing happened. Thank you Cakes decor 🤗


Cake decorator of the week 47

Hello everyone, CakesDecor members and friends! I wanted to thank you for choosing me as cake decorator of the week. I didn’t expect it! I’m experiencing a difficult moment in my life: yesterday my father broke his left thighbone. I had to...

Have you been in any TV programs? 5

Hi, I’m Bonni Phelps of Baked Euphoria Cakes. My bakery was featured on an episode of Bakery Boss with Buddy Valastro aka: The Cake Boss. The show was a part of TLC programs. I’ve also done another show on Discovery Family where my daughter and...


Strawberry Reduction 1

Quick question, I’m making a strawberry cake in 2 days but bought the strawberries today, if I make a strawberry reduction now can I refrigerate it and use it on Thursday?


Nice to meet you 3

Hi guys, My name is Ljubica, I am Serbian, but I live in Spain. A month ago I opened a cake shop: I try to make healthy cakes with edible no fondant decortations. I love to work with chocolate.


Cake Central Members 29

Hey… following SandraSmiley’s suggestion, I did wander over and start an account… I figured I would also put a post up in the introduction area that we can respond to so as to find each other… Just in case anyone does wander over… Howdy all! ...


My Introduction 2

Hi you guys can call me iris. Im a very young baker and my goal is to have my own successful business selling pastries and cakes. I have started however im still learning a lot and dont really have anywhere to turn to for information so i hope i...

Sandra Smiley

Tornado in Nashville, Tennessee 29

Hello, dear friends! I wanted to let you know that we are safe with no damage from the devastating tornado which touched down near us a couple of nights ago. It first touched down about 25 miles east of us and continued on an eastward path. ...

Deflated cupcakes?? Help! 1

I used a recipe for lemon cupcakes I found in the Southern Living magazine &I they keep deflating! I’m wondering if my baking soda/powder was bad or maybe I over beat the mix?? They still taste great but they’re so flat and the edges are...

Penny Sue

Art Deco 4

Hi all can anyone tell me how I can find art deco fan to make out of modeling fondant one big one smaller, for a wedding cake, the cake is four tiers I’m looking for a cutter, or template, the one I can find in the uk is tiny. Thank you 😊

Help recreating this cake?? How to stick sprinkles to fondant?? 3

So I am a relatively new cake decorator. I’ve been baking for about six years but only since this year have I began to get into actually decorating, especially with fondant. I’m self taught so there is still a lot for me to learn. This week I am...

Course 1

Any on can help me for any online courses to teach me professional cake design

Michal Bulla

What is your main job? 27

Hey all, I’m not sure If we had forum topic like this, but I’m really interested in what is your main job? I know that some of you are lucky enough and do Cake Decorating as a hobby and for living as well, but I’m pretty sure that there are...

Placing a head on cake toppers 2

Hi everyone! ? My heads always go to the front side making the neck invisible or to the backside making a figurine as if it looks up in the sky. Does anyone have tips how to correctly place a head on a fondant topper or what to do generally, so...

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Cake Decorating Styles 8

Over the years I have seen so many interesting cake styles, from basic round cakes to tilted or wonky, mirror glazed, gravity defying, sculpted, Geodes and on and on. Each time I think I have learned everything there is to know about design some...