Airbrush paint help. 1

Hi there I’m looking for some advice. I recently tried using the sugar flair rose gold glitter airbrush paint. But my gun clogs immediately!! I’ve tried with 0.1 0.2 and 0.5 needle/nozzles, every combo of pressure/trigger combos…..and I’m all...


Cake Decorator of the week 7

Thank you so much, CakesDecor for choosing me to Cake Decorator Of The Week!!! I am so thrilled and happy !!! Thank you all for your love and constant support!!! This means so much to me!!!

My Magic Cakes

Cake Decorator of the week 6

Thank you for choosing me to Cake Decorator of the week! I am very happy that you like my work! Thank you all very much for your support!

Benny's cakes

Cake decorator of the week 22

Thank you for choosing me to Cake Decorator of the week! I am very happy that you like my work! Thank you all very much for your support! Be healthy and inspired! <3

Advice needed for decoration 1

Hi all! I am making a strongbow can cake for a friend, and feel (fairly) confident about achieving this aspect, but I saw one on here which had two arrows, like what feature on the strongbow adverts, coming out at an angle from the cake board...


היי 3

Hi My name is Malki, my business is called QUEEN CAKES I live in Israel Very fond of art in cakes. Mostly I love 3D cakes I started with the cakes because we had a closure following Cubid 19 I was bored so I made the first cake, and fell in...

Krishya's Sweet Treats

Self introduction 0

Hello everyone, I am Krishya Punjabi, a homebaker from Mumbai, India. I started my cake journey since December 2016. I make only eggfree cakes. I am happy to be here, amongst so many talented artists. I am just a novice in front of all u...


Hello from Africa 2

Great to be here. Wishing everyone a blessed week ahead


Hello! 6

Hi, I’m Vicki. I’ve been making cakes as a hobby for many years and I love learning new techniques! I’ve recently started up my blog where I share my cake adventures. I am so happy to be part of this community and to meet all of you talented cake...

The Garden Baker

sugar sheet question 8

I’ve never made a sugar sheet before and would appreciate some help / info from those of you who know: After the sugar sheet has been prepared and placed on the cake, can the cake with the sugar sheet on it be stored in a box in the freezer? In...

Deflated cupcakes?? Help! 2

I used a recipe for lemon cupcakes I found in the Southern Living magazine &I they keep deflating! I’m wondering if my baking soda/powder was bad or maybe I over beat the mix?? They still taste great but they’re so flat and the edges are...



Hola, mi nombre es Mirian de Naranjito, Guayas, Ecuador. No soy experta en decoración, pero hago lo que puedo, trato de superarme dia a día aprendiendo nuevas tendencias. Me gustaría aprender cake designer y todo lo exista en decoración 😍 😘

Karen MacFadyen

Hi all 5

I haven’t been around for a while, as life got in the way. Now I am back and determined to keep in touch. I am busy creating a membership site to help with confidence and pricing, swapping a hobby into a professional business.

new member 4

Hi I’m Michelle from UK. i got drawn to this site while looking at an elegant cake from this website. i hope to learn more techniques and ideas. the talents on this website is amazing.

Sassy Sweets By Jamie

Hey Y'all! 4

Can I just start off by saying how much I love this site and wish I had found it so much sooner! A little about me… as it states in my profile description, I fell in love with decorating after creating my daughters first birthday smash cake...