Salam, I am Qumrun Nahar Toma; the owner of “Tomu’s Patisserie”, which is an online bakery. I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Also I am a former English medium school teacher and administrative officer. I have gained my academic knowledge from “North South University” for Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and earlier from “Viquarun Nisa Noon School and College” which is situated in Dhaka.

My baking quest started from my home, my mom used to bake pound cakes when I was a kid. In my late adolescent years I used to make and decorate cakes in different events for my family and friends. Gradually on 2014 and 2015 I took part in a TV cooking competition twice along with my mother and also cooked in a TV show with my little baking skills. And later on, I did training in a renowned Institution of Culinary Arts in Dhaka and I started my online bakery from 2017 November; I also completed my internship as a skilled pastry chef/baker in a well known bakery workplace of Dhaka City. Thus, my passion turned into my profession as a little experienced pastry chef.