Wafer Paper #17: How to choose wafer paper. Grades of wafer paper | Anna Astashkina

How to make Rubble from "Paw Patrol" out of fondant cake topper

Hi Sweeties, Lots of people asked me to make a tutorial on Rubble from Paw Patrol out of fondant… So here it is my version of how to make Rubble! Hope to make the other Paw Patrol Hope you like it… XOXO

Vintage Airplane &Pilote cake topper

I made a YouTube tutorial on how to make a Vintage Airplane & Pilot Cake Topper. Check it out here: https://youtu.be/KibaBKD3dJI

Origami Ganache Cake - Cake Decorating Techniques Tutorial

Hi and welcome back to my kitchen. If you’re looking for a showstopper cake, in this weeks cake decorating tutorial I’m going to be showing you how to add this fun origami texture onto the side of your cakes. A little while ago I...

Recipes by Pinar Aran Cake Design #6: Making Sculpture from Sugar Paste / Şeker Hamurundan heykel yapımı

https://youtu.be/0CIljHGzrUw You will learn how you can make sculpture from edible sugar paste in this video.You can also use real cake too.Just follow the details and make your own amazing sculpture. Note: You can see what the material I use...

Wafer Paper #16: How to make Wafer Paper Blossoms and Butterflies

Learn how to make WAFER PAPER BLOSSOMS AND BUTTERFLIES. In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you the easiest way to make a wafer paper flower using only AC Tonic (my non-alcoholic conditioner recipe) and Drezden tool! And how to make Wafer Paper...

Free Video TUTORIALS #5: How to make a NICE 2D HEART

Here’s a new FREE TUTORIAL! The 5 ielle’s TIPS to make a nice 2D SHAPE (HEART Lollipop) in fondant Activate SUBTITLES IN YOUR LANGUAGE!

Sugar Model Tutorials #5: Valentine Penguin Cupcake Topper Tutorial

Hi everyone. Sharing how I made my penguin sugar model and heart cupcake toppers for Valentine’s Day. Hope you like him. 😊 Link to the tutorial is below. https://acakeonlife.com/valentines-themed-cupcakes/

Free Video TUTORIALS #6: 3 easy WAYS to make a 3D HEART

Here’s a new FREE TUTORIAL! 3 easy WAYS to make a 3D HEART in Fondant for decorating a Valentine’s Day cake Activate SUBTITLES IN YOUR LANGUAGE!

Love Story Cake - Valentine's Cake Tutorial

A simple and easy cake for Valentine’s that I made. This cake was made actually a while back by us. Thought I’d make a tutorial this time. Happy Valentine’s day!