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-- incrEDIBLE art by Rumana,India,

Following you now :) More like going to be stalking your amazing creations. You are such an inspiration.

-- Candace Chand, BC, Canada,

Hi Rumana! Following you from now on!! Love all your cakes! They are so inspiring!!

-- ChokoLate -

Candace, thanks a ton babe! Nadia, U are a true inspiration for all and u won’t believe it when I say that I look out for each and every single post by you to be taken aback with awe! :)

-- incrEDIBLE art by Rumana,India,

Lovely work x

Your cakes are adorable !

-- viorica's cakes

Thank you so much Viorica. I’m in love with all your cute looking cakes too! So much of detail in there!

-- incrEDIBLE art by Rumana,India,

Thank you so much Daba!

-- incrEDIBLE art by Rumana,India,

Your work is absolute perfection… candy for my eyes!

-- Julez,

Thanks so much Julez! xoxox

-- incrEDIBLE art by Rumana,India,

New follower, love your work!

-- Znique Creations at

A new follow from me, I thought I was already following you, but now I am, I don’t want to miss any of those beautiful flower creations!!

-- Selma S. ~ Little Apple Cakes

You have a new follower here! Your cakes are truly beautiful! Thank you for your comment on our profile too :)

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Hi Rumana your cakes are beautiful a work of art…I’m your new follower. Can’t wait to see your future creations.. Enza xx

-- Sweet-E

Such beautiful creations!! Now following you!!!

-- SweetKOKEKO

New follower, love your work :)

-- Sugar Coated by Nehha