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Cake Central Members

Hey… following SandraSmiley’s suggestion, I did wander over and start an account… I figured I would also put a post up in the introduction area that we can respond to so as to find each other… Just in case anyone does wander over… Howdy all! ...

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Hello everybody

i’m a hobby cake baker and decorator, but the most I love to make sugar flowers. I hope to learn from you and help others if I can.

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Sugar Mama's Sweets

late to the party!

Hello All! I’m excited to be a new member and to be inspired, share and seek advice form other cake artists! happy to be here :)

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Hello cakers! I newly join this website and want to introduce myself. I’m a hobby baker and decorator who only make cake and sometimes cookies for family and for fun! So not much cake a year, but I realy enjoy it. I used to be active mostly on...

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Hi all.

Nice to be a part of this community!

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Hi I wold like to say Hello to all cake community here. Kind Regards Agnieszka from Academy 3D Cake

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Finally saying hello

I joined some time ago but have not been active at all Finally time to start helping others:) Jumped ship from CakeCentral — though as long as it is open a few of us will try to help anyone there When I can figure out how to I’ll add some...

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10 yildir seker hamuruyla ugraaiyorum 4yildir meslek haline getirmis bulunmaktayim türkiye antalyadayim 10 yaainda bir kizim var

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New face

Hi people, I’m Tasha and happy to be among a community of such great creators of cakes. I’m trying to teach myself how to awesomely decorate cakes. I trust I’ll enjoy my stay here.

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Hi there

Hey its me Elif aka Elocan Butik Pasta. (Elocan boutique cakes) Ive been there nearly for 4 years but my life also changed about 3.5 years with my baby. So i cannot look at forums those times. Well im here and really happy with you. Im livin in...

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Cupids Delight

Introduction to new site

Hello guys, This is my first post here. Nice to be part of this community.

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New to cakesdecor

Hi everyone I’m new to cakesdecor, I love everything cake. I’m a self taught cake decorator so still learning. Hopefully I will be able to pick up some good tips from this site. I’ve looked at some of the cakes on here and they are beautiful,...

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Kumiko Murakami

Hello all

Hi,my name is Biliana or else known as Kumiko Murakami.I’m new here and just wanted ti say Hi.Eager to see some beautiful cakes 🙂

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Hello everyone

Hello everyone! I’m Manuela and I’ve just signed in to this wonderful community… I’m fond of cakes and cookie decorating always willing to learn more techniques and tips to improve my skills. I’m glad to be a member of this community 😊

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Essentially Cakes

Finally Back to Baking

Hi All, I have been absent from this site and pretty much all social media for quite some time now due to health issues. Happy to say on the mend and back making cakes so will be back posting latest bakes. Really looking forward to Cake...

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Tea Latin

Pozdrav or Hello from my little but beautiful Croatia!

Hello,everyone! I wannted to become a part of this sweet community for such a long time but never had enough self confidence to “click” here and present myself! Now I see I was just loosing time not seeing all those beautiful cakes and art you...

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Hello everyone

Hello everyone I am a new member I am really happy to meet you all

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Newbie sents her Greetings :)

Greetings to all :) Just found this place and I must say I am “WOW”. So thankful to have found CakesDecor. Looking at all the beautiful and fabulous cake photos…I am nothing compare to you guys! Thank you for accepting me into this wonderful...

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More likes for my cakes

Hi, I work as a decorator for a 5 years and i keep posting pictures of my most beautiful creations quite often. But most my cakes got most likes ang got selected to be within top 3 a f top 10 etc. But suddenly I got a drop of my likes and thus...