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Music to bake to!!!

Am in the process of making a wedding cake a a big birthday cake, and have the music blaring out. I seem to produce better cakes when I have music on, especially soul jazz funk or 80’s classics.

Is there anything you have found puts you into the “zone” when making cakes.

Would love to know what you all enjoy listening to.


gateaux de mandy

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Depends on my mood. Classical music for peace & calm. Lastest hits, pop tunes if I want to be energized. Can choose any genre as I have many stations and types of music on my satelite tv.

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I am a radio person and very traditional; radio four in the morning and radio two layer for Simon Mayo. However, if there is cricket on it had to be Test Match Special (Pamela McCaffrey is another huge cricket fan who loves the TMS team).

Roo's Little Cake Parlour

Oh yes, music always, and like you Mandy, love 80’s music too… As well as 60’s and 70’s. If in the kitchen baking I’ve got something upbeat and happy going on… But when making flowers or modelling or painting, I go classical and smooth. Music makes such a difference to the mood of the moment.. And, you might even find me having a little jiggle every now an then when baking… 😂😂
Fab topic Mandy!!

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For me it the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan. When I listen, The words put me at ease and my creations come out better. For whatever the reason, I do manage to roll out fondant better, probably because I am calm.

“Listen to the music sing sweet song, to rock my soul”-Jerry Garica

Matthew Kirshner

For me it is complete silence. I have a large and very rowdy family so when they are not here and I am working I have nothing with noise on. And sometimes when the kids and hubby are here I just get complete sensory overload with all the noise and just want to rip my hair out. But if I were to have music it would be more top 100, 80’s classics or good old time rock and roll…something I could sing too,lol.

Tampa, Florida

Ha Ha Sharon
Now gets kinda too quiet around here. I do enjoy the quiet and serenity…but I love to have quiet classical music playing in the background. I hear pop music everywhere..the grocery store, the car (hubby), restaurants, the mall..get sick to death of it..same songs..over and over. So it’s classical for concentration, or I pull out my fav cd’s and pop a few on for lively companionship.. ELO, Jan Arden, Jennifer Warren, Aretha Franklin..whatever strikes me!!

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

I am with you, Sharon, love the sound of silence. I could never decorate listening to rock and roll because I cannot resist dancing and shaking my bootie when a good dance song is playing – lol.

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Sandra I just love you and yes the same thing for me or I would be singing my heart out and not be focused,lol!

Tampa, Florida

pink floyd, bon jovi or golden oldies hahaha

Exactly, Sharon! I have never been able to do anything and listen to music. I find myself singing and dancing and not paying a bit of attention to what I am trying to do!

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