Cookie decorating techniques and cookie baking ...

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Uplifting others <3 30

Happy Note Over the last 2 – 3 years since I began doing something different with my cookies way back when, I’ve watched more and more cookiers begin to photograph their decorated cookies like I do….with the cookie/s in their hand!! :) This...


Greetings to all 4

Hello my name is María Mercedes Sosa from Argentina, lover of sugar in all its forms and weakness for cookies decorated with icing Hola mi nombre es María Mercedes Sosa de Argentina, amante del azúcar en todas sus formas y debilidad x las...

Experimenting with Cookies. 2

So I start experimenting on cookies and I have one big problem. So I start using the best cookie recipe that Ive got and put some freshly cut mango’s in. Small pieces but enough to make it runny (totally wet) even after a few hours in the...


Gingerbread 2

The Cookie Lab  by Marta Torres


Wishing you Merry Christmas – Season Greetings! Have a wonderful 2020 and hopping to meet you here more often ! XOXO, Marta

Rizal Aditiyo Supendi

Famous Fudge – Don’t LOSE this recipe 0

I am looking for a recipe for fudge using carnation milk, with no chocolate or marshmellow, just the plain Fudge ,My Mother made it for us in the fifties and it was very good . This is a very simple fudge recipe using evaporated milk, , and...

Cakes and Beyond 1

I want to start my own home based cake business, but before I do that would like to find out about the laws and regulations. Thanks, Naheed

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CookieCon Reno 0

I had a jam-packed and enjoyable time in Reno, Nevada. CookieCon turned out to be all that I’d heard of it and more! There were alot of preparations on my end for the demonstrations that I was giving; SEVEN classes :) Although there were some...

Sweet Dreams by Heba

CookieCon Reno Demonstrator 26

OFFICIAL NEWS I can officially announce that I am proud to be invited to CookieCon Reno 2019 as a Demonstrator! I will be collaborating in FOUR different classes to present some new techniques and amazing cookie decorating concepts to add...

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DolceFlo classes, Central Florida, July 2019. 0

Coming soon, cookie decorating classes for all skill levels, includes hand painting, brush embroidery, dimensional piping, Royal Icing transfers AND MUCH MORE!! Two one-day classes from any of the five sets shown in the collage below, to be...

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Breast Cancer Cereal treats 20

Not cake or cookies but wasn’t sure where else to post this. A fundraiser for women who do not have medical coverage for reconstruction after Mastectomy. Rice Krispie treats on a pop stick, dipped in melted pink chocolate and striped with white...

The Cookie Lab  by Marta Torres

How did I make the Background? 6

You can make a nice background for a cookie using just edible powder, either dry or wet. For this cookie I dusted it first with #magic_colours powder and for the leaves I used the same powders in a wet version (diluted with liquor with hight %...

Traditional cookies 0

Hello! My name is Monika, I come from Poland. :) I love baking and trying new recipes. I promised my family that I would do something special for the upcoming holidays. Could you help me and give some recipes for a traditional united kingdom...

The Cookie Lab  by Marta Torres

I'm Challenging my Cookie Friends! BUNNIES/RABBIT CHALLENGE 8

Dear All, I’d love to invite you to participate on my Bunny/Rabbit Challenge. On the picture below you have the rules. Just make your cookie till March 28 and send it to the email address: Please don’t turn it...

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Dolce Sentire Classes in Central Florida!!! 22

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!! I am so happy and honored to tell you that I shall be hosting the AMAZING super star cookier, Aixa Zunino, of Dolce Sentire, next month in Saint Cloud, Florida!! This will be her FIRST TIME TO THE USA. Check out the two...



Skate roller cookies 1

Can anyone give me an ideia to do roller skate cookies without the cutter thats makes them.thank you so much

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