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Marta Torres is an award winning sugar artist and is the creative force behind The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres and Marta Torres, Royal Icing Cookie Art.  She hails from Lisbon, Portugal.
She found her passion for cookies by accident about five years ago.  She came from the banking and consulting industries and knew nothing about royal icing or cookies but taught herself anyway.  After six months of practice she entered a contest and won!  This changed her life. 
She is now an international teacher of dimensional piping techniques.  She has spent the last 3 ½ years teaching in 29 countries to over 1,000 students. She is also frequently asked to judge cookie competitions for prestigious competitions all over the world, including Cake International.
She has been featured in many international magazines and even had a Portuguese publication release a special edition of just her work.
She enjoys doing collaborations as it gives her a chance to create pieces that are more complex and challenge her to create more three dimensional and realistic work. 
To view more of her work please visit her on Facebook or visit her on Instagram @thecookielab_by_Marta_Torres

-- The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

Hi Cookie Lab, a warm welcome to CakesDecor!!! I am sure you will love it here, everyone is really supportive, helpful and friendly!!!! Your cookies are awesome and can’t wait to see more of your work soon!!!

-- Marlene - CakeHeaven

Thank you so much Marlene. I’m trying to find out how this works in order to be more proactive and check, appreciate and comment others work.
Thank you for your nice comments on my work as well

Cheers, Marta Torres

-- The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

Thank you so much for your lovely comment and following!! Your work is stunning, lovely to meet you and following you straight back!! :-) x


Hi Cookie Lab,
Thanks for sharing your story :). Your work is so flawless & just stunning! Will you be teaching any classes in California?

Oh Pattycake, it would be an honor, but I’m going to be just around Washington and Philadelphia areas this time. Thanks for your nice words and interest in my work. Cheers, Mata Torres

-- The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

Hello from a new fan… Your cookies are just amazing. I hope that one day I can make cookies that awesome.

-- Jennifer,

Thank you so much Prima Cakes Plus, I’m sure you Will. Thanks for your nice comments and support.

-- The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

I love your cookies! I follow you:)

-- Rory

Olá Marta!! Sou a Sandra e também sou portuguesa apesar de viver em Espanha. Adoro as tuas bolachas. Estou a seguir-te agora :)

-- Sandra

Olá Sandra! Muito obrigada. Estou a seguir igualmente o teu fantástico trabalho. Se for aí acima aviso. Beijinhos

-- The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

Hi Marta!!! Your cookies are absolutely amazing, really fantastic work :) I follow you with pleasure :) :)

Hi Eliza, thank you so much for your nice words and for following me. Your work too is outstanding and I’m following you. Cheers, Marta

-- The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

Hi Marta, it’s a pleasure for me following you and looking at your masterpieces! I wish you to have a great and successful career :)

-- Clara

Thank you so much Clara, very kind of you

-- The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

Beautiful work, Marta! Love your creations!

-- Gulnaz Mitchell, New Zealand,