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Lily Blossom Cake Creations

Fully Booked, Sorry It's Not Personal 2

Hi, Do you find yourself apologising for having a busy small business? For me, there’s nothing worse than a friend, a family member or any potential customer asking you to create a cake for them, and then having to tell them that I’m...


used 0


Rude & Demanding clients 3

Hi all! I am new to the business of making cakes for other people as my own business and not at a bakery. Up to this point (two years into it) I have never had an unhappy client. A woman got a quote from me for a 3 tiered wedding cake. She didn’t...

Style me Sweet CAKES

help please Business name 14

hi im a new out here (0 days). seriously tanking of starting out my cake business and wondering if you can help me out to pick a name as my partner and I struggling :( he thinks its a great name XS Sugar I think Little Bliss Cakes and sweet...


Cake Pricing 1

How much extra should you charge for cakes that are extremely large and/or detailed? I did these unicorn cakes and charged $5.00 per serving (they were both 8 layers and 42” in length). I fell like I only broke even based on the hours of work...

Alpa Boll - Simply Alpa

Running a cake business during the school holidays 16

Hi, I don’t think I am alone in dreading the school holidays and trying to juggle looking after the kids and dealing with cake orders especially when its the height of wedding season. I started this thread so maybe those out there who have...

Working with Event Planners 0

Hello, For those of you who work closely with Event planners, do you give them special discounts? If so, do you find this to be profitable?

Fee criteria when you are teaching but hosted by someone else 0

How to talks about payment 1) we should talk on percentage if yes than what should be the ratio 2) we should fix a amount before (nevertheless how many student) 3) cost of stuffs required should be beared by whom I may should silly but I very...

Business using common kitchen space or commercial kitchen 0

Hello, I live in PA. I am looking to set baking business using common space kitchen or commercial kitchen ranting. What licenses do I need to set up cake business? Any one has experience business set up with commercial kitchen?

Jessica MV

My new online cake school is launched! 7

Hi everyone! I’m happy to let you know my new website with video courses in cake decorating and flower making has been officially opened. And here is the link: If you want to learn the new edible medium that can create...

Angel, The Cupcake Lady

Posting on Cakes Decor 5

I wasn’t actually sure which forum topic to post this under, as its not a site issue or a business issue… :D I was swimming through my CD notifications, and there was something that seems to be the norm for most people on Cakes Decor – there is...


Pricing Cakes & getting told it's to expensive.. Sheesh! 19

So… I decided to give someone a good deal i think on a 2 tier all fondant and let’s not forget 4 angry bird fondant figures I have to make along with cupcakes for $145.00 to me that’s a great deal! For someone to say well that’s to much money...

Sweet Dreams by Heba


It’s another website apparently stealing your photos! Have a look at their FB page :/

Hobby baking 1

Hello, a friend has asked me to make some cakes for her sewing course. I literally only make cakes for friends and family and although I would like to create a business at some point, I’m not there yet. My question is do I have to register, get...

jen lofthouse

Been away for so long 11

Hi ever I have been away for months now I have been so busy but I’m back to see all your amazing creations x x

Kylie @ Nothing Sweeter Than Cake

Getting your pictures onto Pinterest 0

HI everyone, I struggle with technology, and was wondering if someone can tell me how you get your cake pictures onto pinterest.? Thank you

My Business Dilemma 2

Hello The name of my cake decorating business is Cakes By Kerry. Overtime, I found myself wanting to do more. Apart from cakes, I sell gumpaste flowers. In light of this, I want to expand as time goes by in the following areas: Gumpaste...

Mucchio di Bella

Newbie in town 7

Hello everyone! I have been “dormant” in creating cakes and cookies for a while for my family was adjusting (and still is) to our new home. From sunny Philippines to cold Midwest, USA, it has been quite an experience moving in the dead of winter....


Best way to build up your cakes portfolio 6

Hello Everyone! This is one of my first official posts and I am really excited to meet everyone and get some advice from all of you successful, amazing bakers out there. I recently started moving on from hobby baking for friends and family to...