Cake Decorating Business


I’m a housewife and I have been selling homemade cakes for some years. I’ve good progress in my homemade business, So I’m planning to turn my business into a commercial one. I have the necessary experience in this field and I’m confident that it will be a successful one. I know there are many differences between a homemade business and a commercial business. So I’ve some doubt about buying equipment for the shop. What should we look for when buying commercial equipment? When buying it we have to buy a new one or buy a refurbished one. I think it is better to buy good brand old equipment when considering my financial budget.
Do you have any suggestions on this? Whatever your opinion, share it and it will be very helpful for me."


Hello emmawats, I am a hobby sugar artist only, however I do understand something about business. I agree with you that it is a better option to purchase high quality used equipment. If you feel uncertain, take a professional service/installer with you to inspect the equipment. Their fee would be well earned to help you find a good deal on your startup equipment.

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