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Sweet Dreams by Heba

Couture Cakers Collaboration 2020 Edition 9

Hi friends, we are LIVE this year with our fourth annual collab. This year’s theme is “Islamic Bridal Dress with Hijab”. Please come check us out and share away if you’d like. Thank you for...

Special Occasions - Cakes, Etc

A Dickens Memorial - A CPC Open Collaboration 1

CPC Collaborations is hosting another open collaboration. This theme was originally created by The Cake Collective, but our members have voted to take it over. Our requirements are similar to the other collaborations groups; everything you need...

Special Occasions - Cakes, Etc

CPC Open Collaboration - Cover to Cover 1

Once again Cake Page Circle Collaborations is opening the doors to the sugar community with another open collaboration. This one, Cover to Cover, is in celebration of International Children’s Book Day. Registration will include selecting a...

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Couture Cakers Collaboration 12

You’re all invited to tour our new couture collaboration and travel the world through our creations <3

Special Occasions - Cakes, Etc

Come and Play: a Sesame Street Birthday Celebration Collaboration 2

The CPC Open Collaboration, Come and Play: A Sesame Street Birthday Celebration, is now live on Facebook. Uploading to our Instagram page will take place tomorrow, 3 December 2019. ...


how to get info on Cake Collaborations 6

Hello everyone, I would like to know how to get info on cake collaborations. The only one I know about is the SFCB Cancer Collaborations, but if I want to join other where will I find the info. Can someone please help. Thanks in adance

🍩Cristina Calcagno🍰

Cómo participar en las colaboraciones de pasteles ? 2

Hola mi nombre es Cristina y quiero saber cómo hay que hacer para entrar en las colaboraciones de pasteles. Gracias

Special Occasions - Cakes, Etc

Remembering Auschwitz 3

CPC Collaborations is hosting another open collaboration: For those of you that do not have Facebook, CPC Collaborations is now also on Instagram. If you do not...

CreativeExplo ( Sharon Siriwardena)

Gone but not forgotten 2

The Cake Collective Collaboration Group will be releasing its next Collab “Gone but not forgotten” on 30th of September 2019. Almost 60 Sugar Artists will be paying tribute to Stars we lost due to Mental health, accidents and natural Causes....

Sweet Dreams by Heba

The Carnival Cakers are back!! 8

This is the third year that I’m hosting this BEAUTIFUL collaboration and I invite you all to take a tour of what we’ve created.

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Carnival Cakers collaboration 0

I’m happy to announce that for the third year in a row, my friend and I are hosting the virtual annual carnival collaboration, and you can read more about it here :

Valentina's Sugarland

Cake of Thrones Cake Collaboration 6

Cake of Thrones Collaboration is an international cake collaboration hosted by Valentina Terzieva from Valentina’s Sugarland. It is a group of 29 sugar artist from 13 different countries around the world who got together to celebrate one of...

Cake Garden

Marjolein Bastin Collaboration 2

A dutch collaboration is now active, organized by Wendy Schlagwein The Marjolein Bastin collaboration, an ode to this dutch illustrator please take a look at all the great pieces of 22 dutch sugarartists, inspired on paintings/illustrations...

CreativeExplo ( Sharon Siriwardena)

Beautiful Sri Lanka 3

Stay tuned almost 100 sugar artists have teamed up to introduce Sri Lanka to the world. Reveal day March 4th 2019. This is Sri Lanka’s very first Collaboration. Hope you will enjoy all the pieces.

Bety'Sugarland by Elisabete Caseiro

Dali in Sugar - Live now! 13

53 amazing sugar artist pay homage to Salvador Dali and his work. An amazing Sugar Gallery that you can’t miss! Please check all the amazing creations at: “”

Raquel García

"Greco Roman- An International Cake Challenge" 27

You can now visit the “Greco Roman-An International Cake Challenge” collaboration page. You can see the incredible works that 104 sugar artists have done! You can not lose it … Ya pueden visitar la página de la colaboración “Greco Roman- An...

Raquel García

Greco Roman - An International Cake Challenge 18

Rome and Greece come together for more than 100 sugar artists to give life to a part of their history…. the final contdown!!! Stay tuned!!!!!

CreativeExplo ( Sharon Siriwardena)

Gone too soon- Tribute To Stars we lost due to Mental Health Issues 10

" Gone too soon" Cake Collaboration. A Sugar Art tribute to Stars we lost due to Mental Health Issues.The theme centers around, the broad issue of mental health and it’s impact by shedding a light on the issue but offering Hope to people who are...

Chantal den Uyl

Sugar art against bullying 7

Dear friends in a few days we are going on line please come and take a look when we do! We will keep you posted.!

Chantal den Uyl

Sugar art aganst bullying 1

Nog een paar dagen en dan is het zover. Dan gaan we on line, met zijn allen tegen pesten , met zijn allen voor Mathis hoop. a few more days and the big reveal… for now all the artist who will participate ...

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