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and we are on line :) come take a look :) 10

Rosa Guerra (Tartas Oh by Rosa)

Let's Dream Together, The Collab in Pairs 19

Hi, dear friends of Cakesdecor!! I’ve been a little disconnected lately, and here I present the reason: a new collaboration, something different… 50 international sugar artists come together in pairs and trios of perform pairs and trios of famous...

Emily Calvo

World Lupus Day SugarArt Collaboration 10

Hi cakers!!! This is a collaboration of Sugar Artists and Cake designers who have this disease or have indirectly been affected by it, for instance a relative or a friend. Each of us has tried to symbolise what this complex and treacherous...

Nikita Mahmood

Hats Off: A Royal Affair 4

Hello cakers!! We are a group of international cake artist from around the world, and we invite you to take a look at our collab “Hats Off: A Royal Affair” which has just gone live. This theme showcases wedding hats from across the globe and was...

Gauri Kekre

Classique Bollywood Cake Collaboration 12

In the year 1912, one Indian man watched an English motion picture in a cinema hall and decided he had to make one in the Marathi language for his people. It was a road full of obstacles for him, as he...

Cake Creations by ME - Mayra Estrada

Cake Con International 2018 8

There are some amazing pieces this year! Please stop by our page.

Pinar Aran

Women who changed the world Collab. By Alev Gulden 2

For all great pieces: 👈🏼 And you can find mine in my page ☺️🙏🏻

Jennifer Holst • Sugar, Cake & Chocolate •

Americake Horror Story Collaboration 3

Hi everyone, Welcome to Americake Horror Story – a new, international collab. We will take you into a scary fascinating cake world full of strange, bizarre and morbid stories – into the world of American Horror Story! Be prepared for a special...


#AutismAwareness 3

In honor of 10 years of Autism Awareness, #SugarArt4Autism is back! Awareness is more than 1 day or 1 month out of the year – it’s a daily struggle and acceptance is the greatest gift you can give someone with autism. Hope you enjoy my...


Sugarart for Autism 4

In honour of 10 years of Autism awareness, #Sugarart for Autism is back. Awareness is more than 1 day or 1 month out of the year, it’s a daily struggle and acceptance is the greatest gift you can...

Sweet Side of Cakes by Khamphet

Amore - a heart for children 23

Hi sweet cake friends Nathalie, i and 49 sugar artists around the world came together and created edible art in favor of the International Childhood Cancer Day. We hope that every child in this world – who has to fight against cancer cells –...

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Mardi Gras cake collaboration is LIVE!! 24

I invite you all to take a tour of our FUN and BEAUTIFUL cake AND COOKIE collaboration which has just gone live. I had the pleasure of hosting it for the second year, with Jennifer O’Friel, and we sure hope that you all support our members <3...

Catalina Anghel azúcar'arte

Sugarflowers and cakes in Bloom World cancer Day Collaboration 23

“Sugarflowers and cakes in bloom” is a social media group where we share our love of creating sugar flowers. We also share our knowledge and help and support others. We have a sister page called “Sugarflowers and cake in bloom World Cancer Day...


#sweetartforworldlightdat2017 12

and we are online :)


almost time 16

also this year we will be there for world lightday for the children… on the 10th of december we hope you will take a look at the the pieces made with the heart

Ghada elsehemy

Egypt Land of Mystery Collaboration 10

Amazing cake artists from all around the world gathered to share their incredible talent by recreating the ancient Egyptian art /gods/ goddesses/kings & queens. Its a breathtaking collaboration that we would like to share with everyone . fb...

The Garden Baker

Joining a collaboration 8

Hi everyone… Just wondering : How does one join a collaboration? Can anyone join or are only known artists contacted to participate? I’d love to get more information on this.


Halloween is on line 8

come take a look :)


Comming soon 9

we are having fun making this one hope you will come and take a look :)

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