I have been baking for as long as I can remember. Decorating was always something I liked to play at, and only got serious with when my daughter got married and had me make her assortment of weddding cakes. From there a new passion was born and I have been learning at every opportunity. I have been experimenting with different styles and techniques, and loving everything !

I really enjoy passing on the knowledge I have to those willing to learn; I teach at ever opportunity .I continue to be an online coach with YummyArts, always ready and willing to help with a cudundrum, or answer questions. I also administer the Cake Page Circle Collaborations Group, which keeps me pretty busy. I have changed our group’s format a little so it’s easier for all levels of sugar artist to participate, and every so often I throw the doors open to the sugar world and invite them to come play with our members on a Collaboration of significant or special interest.


Thank you for the follow, you have a new follower to


Thank you for the follow, Special Occasions! You do wonderful work and I am following you back!

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