Jessica MV


Jessica MV

Jun 2013 1,960 Hanoi, Vietnam

I’m a proud Vietnamese cake artist who has been spreading my passion around the world in textured wedding cakes and edible flowers. Cake Jess, formerly known as Floral Cakes by Jessica MV, is located in Hanoi, Vietnam loving to make the cakes and flowers which incorporate unique artistic elements and express themselves through my own photography.

-- Think cake, think pink!


Allways Julez

Your “holiday wedding cake” is ABSOLUTELY, EXACTLY what I like to see in a cake!!!!!!
Tall, colour, assymetrical…yet balanced, clean lines….
LOVE your work! Julez

Jessica MV

Thank you so much Julez. So nice to know you!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Just realized your from Vietnam. My son taught English in Korea for a year…then when coming home, visited Thailand, Laos & Vietnam. He loved Vietnam….says one day he wants to go back…

Jessica MV

oh, thank you so much for your affection for Vietnam. Send my regards to your son. Hope someday in the near future your son will come back to my country with the same good feeling. Thanks again!

Calli Creations

what gorgeous cakes you do… your flowers are so beautiful!!

Jessica MV

Thank you, dear!

Little Apple Cakes

Hi Jessica, now I’m following you on here too, so happy you looked me up, sending you a big follow back! <3

Jessica MV

Thank you dear. Great to be friends to see each other when each is avail!

Allways Julez

You have some absolutely amazing cakes, Jessica. Unique, stunning, with such flair and style! ♥♥♥

Rumana Jaseel

Jessica ! Love all ur gorgeous cakes! I finally found u on CD! YAY!

Jessica MV

Thanks my dear Rumana! Yes, I adore yr workrs and could find you at last!

Cakes by Christine

Hi Jessca, I am a new follower, I just love this cake!

Sato Seran

Just seen your cakes and flowers, u are very very talented, love your work, wish i was able to do a fraction of what i see here i,d be so happy.. u got a new follower.

Enza - Sweet-E

Hi Jessica I’m already a fan of your page, so happy I found you here as well…love your work…new follow from me Enza xx

Enza - Sweet-E

Hi Jessica thank you so much for following me ♥