I have been "caking" since my children were small. Baking since I was 13 yrs old, by my Mother's side. I took my 1st lessons from a Cake Decorator who had a small shop in my city. Store is long, long gone now. Just dabbled. Fast forward...my niece was getting married..., and I said....
"I can make your wedding cake!!" Nothing like jumping in with both feet!!! Haven't looked back since. 99.99% self taught with the exception of the early lessons and one Wilton course @ Michael's. And did take a basic fondant/gumpaste class with Lynne Jury of "Let Them Eat Cake", Hamilton, Ont., who started the Canadian Cake Decorators Guild, CCDG, of which I'm a member.
This is just a hobby...have sold a few cakes, but do mostly for family & friends.
Recently retired, so more time to make cakes, look at cakes.....and practice, practice, practice......
June Kowalczyk .... :o)


Fofucha is the term to define a doll made from a kind of plastic name Foami in Mexico or as well known as Goma Eva in Spain, they are very popular in Spain, Brasil and lately in Mexico, you can create a lot of characters for center pieces and kids parties, I have just post my first fofuchas in my web page if you want to look at them. Its only the little mermaid and a Halloween Mummy, but I will post a few more after I finished them.

Also you can google it as how to made a fofucha in you tube and you will find lots of tutorials.

Here is my web page link to the fofuchas.

Carmen Urbano

Inspiration's by Carmen Urbano

Thanks a lot for leaving such a lovely comment on my profile page!!! I am a great cake enthusiast like you and decorate cakes for pleasure only. I have to say that I find every excuse to do a new cake or to bake a new batch of cookies so that I can decorate them!!! Actually I drive my husband nuts as for every cake/cookies/cupcake I make, he has to take a dozen photos!!!

I have gone through your cakes and I have to say that your cakes are not bad either!! I Hope we can continue to interact through this site and I will look forward to seeing more of your work!!

BTW what is your name? I always refer to your a jchuck but would like to refer to your with your real name!!!


Marlene - CakeHeaven

Hi June, what a lovely name!! Congratulations for the birth of your first grandson!!! Yes we cakers are really nuts, I have also started planning my daughter’s next year’s birthday cake and her birthday was in January!!!! LOL!!!

Marlene - CakeHeaven

Just wanted to say thank you for being so kind about my cakes. Just seen you have become a Grandma, congratulations! Love your work xx


Hi June thanks so much for replying to me x much appreciated x

Lisa Salerno Bespoke Cakes

Hi June, Thanks for always making it a point to drop by & post your lovely comments :) Just like Marlene from CakeHeaven, I’ve always referred to you as jchuck Or Chuck & assumed you were a male !! Sorry ! :P
Congratulations on your new promotion ! Guess, you need to plan a Christening cake for your grandson & looking forward for the pictures :)

Apsara www.facebook.com/apsarascakes

Hi, thank you for your nice comment on my page :)

Cake Art

Hi June , great cakes :-). I noticed you’re on Pinterest , you might see me there but I don’t know what I’m doing at all lol. I’m just now learning it . My daughter will not try to understand it & teach me so I’m on my own. :-/


Hi June, thank you leaving a lovely comment for my Owl Wonky Cake and also ‘pinin’ it I’m not on there can just about keep up with facebook xx

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Thank you for your lovely comments on my cakes!!