I love baking and experimenting with recipes and icing, but if I could, I would spend all day working and sculpting with sugar paste! :D
I look forward to learning from the incredible artists registered here, as well as sharing my work.



Welcome Angel – you’re gonna love it here! Looking forward to seeing more of your work :-D

Julia Hardy

Thanks Julia!
I must admit to feeling more than a little intimidated by the talent here :)

Heaven in paper cups!

Hi Angel, welcome on Cakes Decor, thank you for following me …looking forward to see your work, now following you :-) <3 xx

Barbara @Sweet Janis, http:/www.sweetjanis.com

Thank you Janis! Love your work!

Heaven in paper cups!

Thank you so much for the follow Angel, sending one your way too :)

Selma S. ~ Little Apple Cakes

Thank you LAC! :D

Heaven in paper cups!

New folllow from me, pop by sometime and say hi xx

Zoe @ sweet foxylicious x

Thanks Foxy! :D

Heaven in paper cups!

Very beautiful cakes! I follow you from Italy:)


New follow having seen your lovely post today – I’m totally in awe of lots of what I see here too! X