Claire Ratcliffe


Claire Ratcliffe

Jan 2015 194 derby, UK



Karen's Kakery

Hi Claire, following you now xx And looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic work too xx

Claire Ratcliffe

Hello Karen * waves*
Thankyou very much, I am also following you now ( total newbie here!)

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Love your work, Claire!! :) new follow from me.

il mondo di ielle

Hi Claire! Amazing cakes!

Claire Ratcliffe

Hello! Thankyou! Xx


Hi there !!! Lovly work! new follow from me.

Claire Ratcliffe

Hi to you too Delicut Cakes! Thankyou very much.
I have found you on Facebook too-and am pleased to be following you. Love your cakes!

Sandra Smiley

Thank you for the follow, Claire! I love your amazing work!

Sugar Street Studios by Zoe Burmester

Cool interpretation of the summer theme! A new follower from down South..

K Cakes

You are a cake genius! New follow from me. xx