We are sisters, Adela and Andrea, who love art in all its facets. Spurred on by our curiosity we started working with sugar and all things sweet - learning and researching deeper and deeper... we were hooked! Our Mum, Emily, who is the one to blame for our artistic passion, has had to slow down and take the back seat due to health problems but she now just bakes for the added pleasure of it being a hobby for her and no business pressures. Since the last time we posted work, we have moved to bigger premises, and have changed our team name to, Artym, we hope that you will enjoy journeying with us!!



Hey Adele Andrea…don’t know which of you left the lovely comments on my cakes but thank you, so kind of you :) Off to admire your work x

Mel, Yorkshire, http://www.facebook.com/doncastercustomcakery

We both did, (and mum was in the background) as we like to admire the wonderful works of art !! Besides, we think you captured the essence of New York! :):):)

Life is too sweet to be bitter

Hi ladies x just wanted to stop by to thank you for your lovely comments on a few of my cakes x Lisa

Lisa Salerno Bespoke Cakes

Hi fellows,

I am impressed with your work. You have a lot of talent and a very good technique … I hallucinate with your “Dragon’s keep cake” and your figures… are so cute!!
(¿Os habéis planteado dar un curso de modelado en una de vuestras visitas a Madrid? Yo os lo propongo, aunque sea uno privado.. me encantaría aprender de vosotras ;) )….xd xd xd

Kittyscuquis - http://kittyscuquis.wordpress.com/

Pues ahora mismo estamos trabajando muy duro para la feria de Santander el 28 de febrero y 1 y 2 de marzo. Gracias Kitty por tu comentario, desde luego es interesante dar clase, pero de momento tenemos el calendario hasta junio muy ocupado (gracias a Dios!!) Ya hablaremos de algo en un futuro. :) De mientras, a disfrutar haciendo cositas. un besuco de cantabria!!

Life is too sweet to be bitter

Hi Lisa!
You are so very welcome!
Your work is AMAZING!

Life is too sweet to be bitter

Adele and Andrea, your love for art shows in every single cake that you make. Your cakes are truly spectacular!

Maggie Gagiano

Maggie, you are so nice, thank you for your lovely comments!! Really, they make both of us continue exploring more facets of this fantastic field of art!

Life is too sweet to be bitter

See you changed the name. Love the new one, and the profile pic!

Maggie Gagiano

Hi Maggie, we are a team you see, and this is our business logo in Spain, when one does the work the other also gets praised and vice versa…. :):) I’m Adele on the left and my sister Andrea is by my side. thanks for your coomments Maggie. As I said before, YOU are reallyyy nicee!!

Life is too sweet to be bitter