My name is Tamara and I'm from Madrid (Spain). I has always loved baking cakes and sweet things for my family and friends, as well as organize parties for any reason. There is always a reason to celebrate! And I consider myself a creative person, so with these hobbies, was the proper person to become a mad of cake decorating :).

I'm an event planner by profession and vocation and a cake designer by chance, but every day I am more convinced that this is my true passion. I began decorating cakes as a hobby against my work-stress and then, when I was unemployed (due to "crisis" in my country), this became an obsession;). This was 2 years ago and since then, I spend lot of my time improving my abilities of cake decorating, making new designs and looking beautiful cakes's pictures from which to learn. I love the challenges and every cake, cupcake, cookies project are a challenge for me and an opportunity to be more creative. I have done some courses and I am forming me to be better decorator because my dream is becoming a professional and maybe have my own bakery where also organize theme parties.

I hope you like what I shared and I appreciate every comments of my cakes.


Thank you for the lovely comments on my cakes, so lovely of you to take the time xx

Mel, Yorkshire,

Mell, you don’t need thank me, I like to admire a job well done and you have very good jobs.

Thanks for your comment.


Kittyscuquis -

Hey there Kitty!! xxxx

Life is too sweet to be bitter