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The Custom Cakery

Nov 2012 9,041 South Yorkshire, UK

Mum, wife, friend, caker, netballer...pretty much sums me up!

I've always loved making cakes for my four children's birthdays but will confess that I'd buy supermarket madeira and try and make it look pretty! In April 2012 a friend asked me to make a cake for her son and my little business has grown from there. I even bake my own cakes these days ;)

-- Mel, Yorkshire,


SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Just looking at all your brilliant cakes Mellie!
Love your minecraft ones, my middle son Jake had a minecraft cake! All those squares!
The purple scrunch is lovely, gives me ideas for my mums cake, more great cakes to come ill bet! :)

The Custom Cakery

Thank you, that’s lovely of you to take the time to comment. Minecraft is my nemesis! My boys are 11, 8 and 6 and even the youngest is getting keen now. Nooooo!

Bit addictive this caking malarky isn’t it?! I have started following you so I’ll know when you post your next cake. I’ve just finished one actually and have another to do later. I moan about no having any time to myself but I love it really ;) I blimey, I do ramble on. Ha x

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Im exactly the same, I moan about time but im totally addicted!
My boys are 15, nearly 12 (cake to come) and 7! :)

The Custom Cakery

I LOVED your Skylander cake, so original! We added a girl to the mix, she’s 3 and rules the roost!

Allways Julez

Oh, you and I are going to get on just fine!… I used to be a shy little wallflower… but this site is so friendly, and I feel so comfortable… I’ve become a frolific rambler myself! People are going to wish I’d climb back to my quiet little box in the corner!!! Julez XXX

The Custom Cakery

Haha, ramble away to me! Thanks for the follow, I look forward to more of your beautiful cakes Julez x

Lisa Salerno

Hi Mel ! Thanks for your lovely comments on my cake and for following me ( in a non stalker way lol ! ) look forward to seeing more of your fab cakes x

Allways Julez

Thank you so much, Mellie, for popping over to leave me a message. Means so very much.
After a couple of deep soul searching days, a decision was made.
It is very difficult to let go of something, that you have put so much time and effort into.
No regrets. Calm and relaxed now.
Anyway, thanks again. Julez XXX

Mardie Makes Cakes

I see lots of similarities in our bios Mellie! Cept I only have the one child so far! KUDOS for the amazing work u create with all those distractions- I mean children!! :D U make me wanna play netball again too! What posish do u play? I used to be GA :)

The Custom Cakery

Yes they keep me very busy! Boys aged 11, 8 and 6 and a fiesty girl of 3!

Centre or WA, you should get back to it, such great exercise and I love the feeling of being part of a team :) Sadly I have been out of action since April when I tore my anterior cruciate ligament :( having an op to correct it in a couple of weeks but am worried I won’t ever get back to my beloved netball…will have to see how it heals…

Also being surrounded by cake all day and not doing any exercise has done very little for my physical condition! Haha!

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Dear Mel, thanks for leaving such a lovely message on my profile page. Just wanted to let you know that all complements I wrote re your cakes are heartfelt and you really deserve them!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your work on this site!!


Fifi's Cakes

Hello Mellie. Thank you so much for such a lovely message. Very happy that can follow each other on here!! xx


Hi Mel thank you for your message! I’m Nats and my mums debs :-) you can call us either as know there two of us. Love your cakes look forward to seeing more of them xx

Kateřina Lončáková

Your cakes are very nice


Beautiful work!