Sophia - Too Beautiful For Earth

Sophia - Too Beautiful For Earth

This special collaboration, the brainchild of Bobbie-Anne, has been a privilege to be involved in.

I have suffered miscarriages and whilst they were traumatic it was nothing compared to the loss experienced by my friend Tracey who lost Sophia during labour after a healthy pregnancy.

My inspiration came from my sadness that Sophia would never get to enjoy a mobile hung over her cot. Just heartbreaking.

Too Beautiful For Earth is a collaboration of 26 cake artists from all over the world, who have come together to honour and remember babies born sleeping or who died in the early stages of life and those lost to miscarriage.

Our group have all either experienced personal losses or are connected to the cause through someone they are close to. The love, respect and empathy shared amongst us has been very real.

To see all of the amazing and emotional pieces created for our collaboration please take a look at our Facebook page

The uk statistics show that 15 babies are stillborn everyday in the uk and 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. Sands (Stillbirth And Neonatal Death charity) supports research to help answer the questions that surround stillbirth and neonatal death as well as providing vital support to those families affected by the loss of a baby and continued training of health care professionals in bereavement care.

If you or someone you love has been touched by miscarriage or baby loss please consider making a donation to support the important work of SANDS.

If you’re able to support the just giving page please do, thank you xx

Mel, Yorkshire,