-- Dina @ miettes, http://www.facebook.com/pages/miettes/257790597632317


Maxine Kristi Morris

Your cakes are all just beautiful!

Cinta Barrera

Thank you so much,same to you, it’s lovely, congratulations

Josie Borlongan

New follower…love your work! :)

Artisan Confections by Ana

Beautiful cakes and cookies. I like your color combinations and your balcony… ;) The view is awesome!


Congrats Dina!!!xxx


Decororator of the week YAY…….good good Dina, Congratulations, so well deserved and very happy for you :-)


OMG - Just received an e-mail from CD and I am the CAKE DECORATOR of the week, yay !! So happy!! Thank you to all who have been there with me since I started and you know who you are !!

… Starting with you Lori-Ann and Sasi!!


Congratulations Dina! :-)

Sweet Janis

Yay Dina!!! Cake decorator of the week: So happy for you! Well deserved, I love your cakes!Cakie hugs!! <3 <3 <3


NooMoo, Barbara, you have always encouraged me with your lovely words and support, thank you so much!

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Dear Dina, congratulations for being Cake Decorator of the week!!!! Well deserved!!!!!!

Unusual cakes for you

Congrats on decorator of the week. So well deserved you gorgeous lady xxxxx

Gulnaz Mitchell

O, Dina, my dear friend, congratulations on being Decorator of the week, so well deserved! So happy for you!xoxo


Yay Dina Congratulations on being Cake Decorator of the Week….Happy Dance <3

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™

Wahooooo! An awesome choice for Cake Decorator of the Week! SO, SO, SO happy for you Dina! You are not only talented and sweet but such a supportive member of CD – one of the first to welcome me and regularly comment on my work. So stoked to see your beautiful work displayed on the front page of CD!