Mar 2012 4,321 The Cayman Islands

I am a self taught sugar artist and started in August 2010. I own a few
other businesses, but sugar art and cake design is my passion!

-- Lori-Ann,The Cake Studio Cayman,


Cupcakes 'n Candy

Gorgeous Sugarpixy :)


Many thanks for commenting on my handcrafted bling shoe>


You are welcome:0)

The Beverley Way Collection, Beverley Way Designs USA

Thanks for your comment on my first cake here. You have such imagination in your cakes. I need to go through them all, but I love what I have seen so far!

Allways Julez

Love it!… seriously, I’ve seen so many great cakes this week, I sound like a cracked record! I’m going to have to get a Thesaurus.

Julez XXX


Thanks for commenting on my 1st cake.
Wow your cakes are fabulous !


You are so welcome, it was a lovely cake!!x

Fifi's Cakes

just discovered to my horror that my ‘follow’ of your page here was no longer there so I have re-‘followed’ your page!! must have happened during the transition but at least it accounts for why I have missed your amazing uploads! xx all back on course !!


Thank you Fifi !!xxx


Beautiful cakes!! I just love your work!! :)


Thank you!!xx

Julia Hardy

Another Flickr Friend! Hello Lori-Ann. SO happy I have eventually found this place that so many of my Flickr friends already knew about ages ago! :-) x

De-licious Cakes by Sarah

I am a few years behind you, as I started last year,2012, but just new to cakes Decor. . I love your work so I am following your lovely page xx


Love your work … A new follow from me 👍


Thank you Nina!!x