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Aug 2012 18,044 Hampshire UK

Fifi's Cakes is not a commercial enterprise. What goes on here is quite simply Cake Love and teaching. I am basically a simple soul and keep a firm balance between cakes, home and family. I don't enter competitions and although I will never stop striving to improve and learn new skills, I am content with where I am at.

I started cake decorating in 2009 aged 53. That was my introduction to any form of art. Everything is hand-modelled, hand-carved and hand-painted and whether they are traditional tiered or carved 3D, my cakes are all cake.

Alan Dunn's flower books introduced me to the idea of painting with cocoa butter and years ago when I used to attend flower lessons with the Cake Lady in Southampton, I learned how to mix powdered colours with vodka or gin to make a paste. I have stuck with these two methods always.

As an aside from cake, I have been making cold porcelain gifts, decorations, bouquets and clothing accessories since I began this journey in 2009.

I don't read books on cake decorating or art (of any description) with the exception of Alan Dunn's flowers. My reason for this is I like to work things out for myself, which is what my mother always encouraged me to do since childhood.

The people who have set me on the road with a paintbrush in my hand are: my sister Valerie, Nina Evans Williams, Jonathan Theuma, Siri Sherlock, Sally Milligan and my three sons. I had always been led to believe that art was not for me and so I have everything to thank them for.

Follow your heart and BELIEVE in yourself. Here is why: When I was shown a photo of the painting by Leonid Afremov 'Modest Girl' by a client who asked me to reproduce it on a cake, my instinctive reaction was 'I can't'. She convinced me that I could and I thank her forever for having that belief in me because I did something which until then I never believed possible. It was as a result of the success of that cake that I gained the confidence to attend an oil painting workshop for the first time.

Above everything ....

Be yourself. Be happy with your work. Be different. Ignore and Block the trolls. Don't follow the pack...

Fiona Evans

It always seems impossible until it is done ... Nelson Mandela

-- 'It Always Seems Impossible Until It is Done' Nelson Mandela


Fifi's Cakes

Thank you for making my boots Editors Choice on my first day that I signed up on 8th August 2012! I love this site and all the inspiration and imaginative caking that turns up every day. Thank you to Michal Bulla and team! xx

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Pauline Soo (Polly) - Pauline Bakes The Cake!

I love those boots! ;)

Fifi's Cakes

thank you so much Pauline!! I see you are new to CakesDecor and look forward to following your work! :) xx

Fifi's Cakes

I have now posted a tutorial for these on here:


Fifi's Cakes

Looking forward to celebrating Easter. This is a chocolate cake I made last year.

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Chris Jones

You are truly an inspiration! I simply LOVE your work! thanks so much for sharing your talent and guidance.

Fifi's Cakes

oh how lovely Chris!! thank you!! :) You are so very welcome – We all get inspriation from one another. What lovely words. thank you. Your work is wonderful! xx

Fifi's Cakes

Time to make another car cake, I am re-inspired after seeing the lovely Morgan posted by AçúcarArte.

This is always my favourite, our wedding anniversary cake 2011. the MGA is my husband’s pride and joy and we tour the continent in this, to Italy and back to UK. The best and most beautiful holidays.

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Clair Hope

Amazing work Fifi! Absolutely love your cakes. You are very talented.

Fifi's Cakes

Many thanks Claire and how lovely to meet you. I will look forward to following your work. Talented lady yourself, make no mistake! xx ?


Thank you so much for the encouragement Fifi! and after looking at your cakes , all I can say is “wow”. Inspirational!!!

Fifi's Cakes

oh thank you so much for such sweet words Tree!! If I have inspired you I take that as a massive compliment!! Thank you!. I look forward to seeing more of your cakes!. thank you so much xx

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Thanks for the follow fifi!
Your cakes are amazing and so original, I love the boots! xx

Fifi's Cakes

thank you Sugarmagic!! My cakey motto is always ‘dare to be different’ .. even if it means the regular whoopsie haha! xx

Allways Julez

Thank you so much, Fiona, for coming over to my place for a visit! Means so very much.
After a couple of deep soul searching days, a decision was made.
It is very difficult to let go of something, that you have put so much time and effort into.
No regrets. Calm and relaxed now.
Anyway, thanks again. Julez XXX