I decorated my first cake in September 2011, it was a giant cupcake cottage for my daughter. I look back now at pictures and think oh my goodness, however that cake changed my life forever. I felt unbelievably proud of myself and I was hooked on all things cake.
Here I am a little over 2 years later creating cakes I can't believe I have made. Cake decorating is my passion and my kitchen is my sanctuary.

-- Bobbie-Anne, England,

Love your cakes bobbie-anne! Thanks for the follow, cakes are my passion also! :)

-- sugar and art - perfect combination!

Thank you so very much, your cakes are lovely too. I’m having a share day on my Facebook page if you want to share one. X

-- Bobbie-Anne, England,

Hi from Noreen.
What is your Facebook page please as i would like to pop over to see it?

-- Noreen.

Hi Noreen there is a like at the top under my profile im not very good with technology lol x

-- Bobbie-Anne, England,

Me neither Bobbie.Lol.×.
Cant see the like.x

-- Noreen.

Thanks Got it now.
On my way over Bobbie.

-- Noreen.

Love your new work as always Bobbie.xx

-- Noreen.

Very nice work, beautiful cakes

-- Cafe Orbis cakes

Lovely cakes Bobbie-Anne x

-- Christine

Thanks for the follow :)
Lovely cakes on your page :)

-- Tanya from Novel-T Cakes

Thanks for the follow, your cakes are beautiful xx

Thank you for the Follow! Now i’m following you too!!

-- Sweet Rocket Queen -