I am new to cake decorating and learning as I go along. Aspirations of starting my own business are a long way in the future but not off the horizon. As a mother to two demanding boys finding time to experiment with different techniques is limited but I am making progress 😀


Hi there SArah, I am going to follow you so I can enjoy seeing you evolve and make your dream come true, :):):):))))

Life is too sweet to be bitter

Hi Sarah! Nice cakes

il mondo di ielle

So sweet of you Delicut Cakes, thanks for the encouragement :0)

Sarah x

Ciao! il mondo di ielle, thanks for comment. I love your modelling work, so realistic!

Sarah x

Hi Sarah, welcome to the wonderful world of cake decorating! Keep up the good work. That bunny cake is so cute x

Alana Lily Chocolates & Cakes

welcome to cakesdecor family. One more follow from me.


Thank you for the follow, Sarah! If you are new to cake decorating, you are off to an amazing start! Following you back!

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