My first wedding cake!

My first wedding cake!
My first wedding cake!

The last couple of weeks I was so stressed out about doing this cake for my cousin!! Had so many sleepless nights worrying about the 250 mile drive to deliver, would it collapse etc!
Happy to say it arrived in one piece with nothing falling off!
As with all my cakes I wasn’t 100% satisfied but then I never am!! The piping was my nemesis as I’ve never learnt the art of royal icing pipe work. It looks far too “wobbly”, mostly my lack in skill but possibly a consistency issue too, I felt I really had to squeeze my bag??
At the end of the day my cousin and new husband were thrilled with it. Don’t know how you professional bakers cope with the stress of such important cakes day in day out!!
Flavours: chocolate baileys, vanilla Madeira and traditional fruit cake

Sarah x


Looks beautiful! Great job! Knew you could do it! :-)

Teri, Ontario, Canada

That’s lovely. Well done x

Daisychain's cakes

Thank you so much, such a relief my cousin was pleased.

Sarah x

Sarah it’s brilliant!
You did such a good job and you should be very proud of yourself.
Wedding cakes are so stressfull, if they weren’t you wouldn’t be doing it right.
It shows you care xx


Any cake delivery is stressful, but especially so for wedding cakes. I would have been freaking too if I had to drive 250 miles!! Oh my. Your cake is so pretty, and your piping is lovely. Congrats on a wonderful job!!

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

really pretty , i think we are all critical of our own work :)

jenny,thirsk north yorkshire,

Thanks so much, Karen you are always full of encouragement, so kind of you.

Sarah x

Well done 👏👏

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