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Daisychain's Cakes

Feb 2012 2,104 Chichester, West Sussex

I no longer work in retail! 🍾🎉
I'm self taught and I've never attended any classes.
I grow in confidence each and every day and I'm always pushing myself to try something new!
I use the web and other pages/people as my inspiration and I love coming up with my own ideas. This is such a great place to meet other cake makers and decorators and I'm in awe of most of you.
This is now my hobby again! I took on my role making ice cream full time and now run a little parlour where myself and my colleague make delicious ice cream locally 😋

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Sandra Smiley

Thanks so much for the follow! I so much enjoy your fabulous creations and am following you, too!

Daisychain's Cakes

It’s my pleasure and thank you for the follow back!
Love seeing such wonderful cakes 😊