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i have been a hobby baker for years just taught myself then jan 2013 i decided to turn what i love in to a buisness and am currently woTaking from home . Over the past few years I have won lots of cakevinternational awards including gold 3rd place for my wedding cake in march 2017 . My cakes have featured in cake masters magazine a couple of times and I have been editors choice
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back home

thank you for all the well wishes my daughter had dislocated her neck and has been in traction but we are at long last home ….glad to be back :)

away through my daughters hospital visit

sorry guys i will be away for a while my daughter as injured her neck in pe at school and is in hospital she dislocated it we have been in since monday and traction starts tomorrow i have no idea when i will be home and have internet access again...

going on holiday

hi friends just to let you know I am going away for a long weekend ,I will catch up with all the beautiful cakes when I return hope. :)



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well done all at cake international cant believe i won a silver for my first ever enrty

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