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Enza - Sweet-E

Mar 2014 10,033 Montreal, Quebec

Hi my name is Enza, I started cake decorating in 2011....My daughter-in-law had insisted that I make their engagement cake. A cake that not only had to taste good but look amazing on a display table placed in front of the table of honour for everyone to look, see, admire and critique??? and the most frightening of all "FINISHED IN FONDANT"!!!??? OMG, she's nuts!!!
And that's how it started; I took a Wilton Buttercream beginners class (must have for beginners) and then self taught myself everything else and the inspiration of the thousand of amazing cake decorators out there willing to share their knowledge.


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CakeHeaven by Marlene

Hi Enza, thanks a lot for following me and for the lovely comment you left me!!!! I saw your work and also went to your facebook page and you are doing great cakes yourself!!!! Thanks again and will look forward to see more of your work!!

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Enza - Sweet-E

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