I'm Indonesian and I live in Italy now. I love baking and decorating.
My passion of baking cake and sweets came from my mom who always loves to make cake and cookies.
Then when i moved to Italy, it came also from my husband who loves to eat cake and sweets.
I love to design and drawing since i'm young that's why i brought it all my passion into one. The one that they called it 'CAKE DESIGN'


Sweetlin, appreciate your lovely comments on my handcrafted bling shoe. Thank you.

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Aww Lin didn’t know you are in Italy :) how fantastic :) you are much closer than I thought yay :) sending a big kiss :) love your style of models :) xxx

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I am now following you :)….Canadian born but Italy at heart <3


Terimakasih buat komen nya Lin…Thank you for your comment on my first cake here, Lin..GBU

Ciao, prego figurati, la tua torta è bellissima, e anche tutte le altre che hai fatto, sei veramente brava :)
sì sono di Milano, tu dove abiti?

I thought I was already following you Lin! I don’t know if that’s my memory or a computer glitch, we’ll blame the latter! ;) congrats on your gorgeous Peppa carousel, so fun and beautifully done x

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Piacere mio! eccoti la mia pagina, https://www.facebook.com/Gaiamerende?ref=hl la tua l’ho già “laikata”. Complimenti ancora, ciao!

Ciao Lin. Grazie per i complimenti. Abiti in Brianza, vero? Se passi da Milano, vieni a trovarmi, mi farebbe piacere incontrarti. Sulla mia pagina facebook trovi anche i miei numeri di telefono. A presto!

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