Who's a bad boy??? Disney Deviant Sugar Art Collaboration

Hi everybody!!
Emily here pushing my limits once again by trying modelling figures instead of my usual flowers! I have to say that I really enjoyed making him. I have him punished this way as it reminds me of the way I got punished for the first time in a Spanish summer school when I was 9 years old. (All I did was let out an accidental whistle… I promise you!!).

Well, I chose Pinocchio with a twist for this collaboration because of the underlying message the story has – that is -to be good, don’t lie and be happy with yourself.

Pinocchio is famous for his short nose that grows when he is stressed particularly when he is telling lies. In the original tale, Collodi describes him as a "naughty boy, rascal, imp, disgrace, ragamuffin, and a confirmed rogue. " Pinocchio’s bad behaviour, rather than being charming or endearing, is meant to serve as a warning. Disney preferred to make this puppet a “good” boy who is easily swayed by others.

The figure is made of RKT and modelling chocolate.
the base is satin ice fondant and wafer paper

I hope you like it :):):)

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-- Life is too sweet to be bitter

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Awesome piece!

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love it!

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So brilliant✨✨

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Love him. He’s amazing.



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Wonderful 😍😍😍😍




Love it!


Fantastic!!! Great job!!👏👏👏😍

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Awesome concept! Great job!

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Who's a bad boy???  Disney Deviant Sugar Art Collaboration