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Need classes in US😃

Hi fellow cakey people! My name is Lori and I’ve been part of this site for about 4 years but you are just now meeting me because I’m anti-computer 🤣 and I just recently started posting some of my cakes…but I have been admiring all of yours for quite some time! I was a full-time ICU nurse who cut back to part time to do more cakes because well…I love this more! haha I was wondering if anyone knows of classes (I’m hoping here in the northwest~ I live in WA state~ USA) that teach more architecture for cakes and also more advanced flower arranging. I design my own cakes and have some fun ideas but sometimes I’m afraid to carry out the design because I’m not sure architecturally how to do it without messing up the integrity of my cakes. I’ve done quite a few 5 and 6 tier wedding cakes so stacking isn’t what I’m afraid of- it’s doing those crazy things that make your cakes really stand out!!😍 Do you all just do trial runs when you do those kinds of architecturally-challenging cakes or are there any classes that might help to gain some skills? (Because I’m sure every cake is different also)- I would super appreciate any advice you are willing to give or direction on classes that might help with this! Thanks so much and nice to meet you all!

Lori Goodwin

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“Krazy Kool Cakes and Designs” gives private one on one lessons and will teach whatever it is that you want to learn. I think she’s located in Texas. If that’s not too far away for you check out her you tube channel and get in touch with her for more info.

The Garden Baker

Oh I’ve seen some of her you tube tutorials, thanks!

Lori Goodwin

Liz Marek lives in Oregon. She also has online courses. She makes amazing cakes. Maybe message her and see if she knows anyone in your area that does classes.

Chrissy Farris

That is a fabulous idea! Love her cakes!! Thanks!;)

Lori Goodwin

You can also try to get in touch with Mike McCarey of Mike’s Amazing Cakes. He is also on the west coast and specializes in amazing structured cakes.

The Garden Baker

That is also a fabulous suggestion Garden Baker! Thanks so much!! I live right in between both of them too!

Lori Goodwin

I hope you are still typing classes, since I have been dreaming about it for a long time and I want to find a suitable class for lessons for myself

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