Help recreating this cake?? How to stick sprinkles to fondant??

So I am a relatively new cake decorator. I’ve been baking for about six years but only since this year have I began to get into actually decorating, especially with fondant. I’m self taught so there is still a lot for me to learn. This week I am making my first tiered cake for a family members birthday party. I have more or less everything figured out but one thing I am unsure about is how to stick sprinkles to a side of a fondant cake. ( the inspo picture is attached )

I understand it would be easier to just make a buttercream cake but honestly I’m not the best with buttercream – I have yet to master how to ice the outside of a cake so evenly. My buttercream cakes definitely look homemade whereas my fondant covered ones are a lot more professional if that makes sense?

Anyways I’ve been thinking and I have three options so far:

- a) put edible glue on the sprinkles and stick them on individually ( time consuming, I know, but avoids error )

- b) apply edible glue or piping gel to the part of the cake I want the sprinkle and then press in sprinkles in handfuls

- c) steaming side of cake so that the fondant turns tacky and then, again, pressing sprinkles in in handfuls ( seen in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_gXyf8ggdU )
Which would you guys recommend, and if you have any further suggestions then I’m all ears.

Also, I am painting the bottom tier with edible paint ( rainbow dust brand ) so whatever way I choose to add the sprinkles I don’t want it to mess up the paint ( I am unable to use luster dust and vodka due to religious reasons I cannot include alcohol in anything ).

But also since I mentioned it, what would you guys suggest I use to paint the fondant? I have a easycover sponge, paint brushes and makeup sponges just in case. And should I paint the fondant as soon as it is place on the cake or after it has hardened slightly? ( I planned on putting it on when the fondant is still soft but I may as well make sure )

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The Garden Baker

I would go with either edible glue or piping gel on the cake wherever you want the sprinkles to be and then press on over a wide pan (so you’ll have less of a mess) wherever you want them. Personally I prefer edible glue, but most will probably recommend piping gel. As to painting, if it’s a large area I would go with some sort of sponge. Best of luck and most important: Have Fun!!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Totally agree with The Garden Baker…piping gel. I have used edible glue too, but it dries very quickly, and sprinkles don’t always stick right away. That’s a pain. Wait until you’re fondant once painted, is very firm and hard. Then as advised have a tray underneath to catch the sprinkles as you attach. I wouldn’t paint on the cake when the fondant is soft, possibility the colour with alcohol will soak into the soft fondant. Then you will have to reapply. You want your fondant firm anyway so you can use your smoothers and get clean, crisp sides and top on your cake. Make sure your colours are food safe. I use food grade paint brushes, strictly for cake decorating.


Yes like the garden baker; with edible glue.
You eighter press them on eith your hands; or if cake is very firm roll into them.
And spray or brush the rosegold later on
Good luck !