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Piping lettering

Hi all,
I’m after some advice on how to pipe lettering on to the side of a cake. I recently had to resort to cutting out letters from fondant. It was a tall cake so I couldn’t tilt it much for fear of it toppling!
Any tutorials or advice would be so helpful.
Sam 🎂


There are several ways to practice. Find a font on-line, copy or print it, then over a soft surface (a pad of paper or sponge) using a pin to prick it and rub it over the b’cream to make an impression to follow. Another way is to make a more permeate impression. Again after finding the font you want, use a hot glue gun to write your message on a stiff piece of plastic or cardboard to use as an imprint. With this method, remember to turn your guide over before copying it or it will be backwards :) Other people have used royal icing instead of glue. True one can’t tilt a cake much but w/an impression to follow it wasn’t that bad – at least for me :) It takes lots and lots of practice to learn to write on a cake. Get some children’s lined paper (that’s used for penmanship) and put it under wax paper to practice on. Start on a table/flat surface of course, but after a time you need to stand it up as if working on the side of a cake. Then after awhile you will be able to remove the lined paper. I also found elevating the cake on a stand to eye level helps.

Thank you, I’ll give it a go. I’m not to bad writing on the top of a cake. That’s all very helpful

The main thing was the actual vertical piping. I really struggled to pipe the lettering. So much so I gave up