Urvi Zaveri

Cake decorator of the Week 11

Thank you so much for the honour . This is the most amazing thing happened. Thank you Cakes decor 🤗

Have you been in any TV programs? 5

Hi, I’m Bonni Phelps of Baked Euphoria Cakes. My bakery was featured on an episode of Bakery Boss with Buddy Valastro aka: The Cake Boss. The show was a part of TLC programs. I’ve also done another show on Discovery Family where my daughter and...


Strawberry Reduction 1

Quick question, I’m making a strawberry cake in 2 days but bought the strawberries today, if I make a strawberry reduction now can I refrigerate it and use it on Thursday?


Nice to meet you 3

Hi guys, My name is Ljubica, I am Serbian, but I live in Spain. A month ago I opened a cake shop: www.tartasljubi.com. I try to make healthy cakes with edible no fondant decortations. I love to work with chocolate.


Cake Central Members 29

Hey… following SandraSmiley’s suggestion, I did wander over and start an account… I figured I would also put a post up in the introduction area that we can respond to so as to find each other… Just in case anyone does wander over… Howdy all! ...


My Introduction 2

Hi you guys can call me iris. Im a very young baker and my goal is to have my own successful business selling pastries and cakes. I have started however im still learning a lot and dont really have anywhere to turn to for information so i hope i...

Sandra Smiley

Tornado in Nashville, Tennessee 29

Hello, dear friends! I wanted to let you know that we are safe with no damage from the devastating tornado which touched down near us a couple of nights ago. It first touched down about 25 miles east of us and continued on an eastward path. ...

Deflated cupcakes?? Help! 1

I used a recipe for lemon cupcakes I found in the Southern Living magazine &I they keep deflating! I’m wondering if my baking soda/powder was bad or maybe I over beat the mix?? They still taste great but they’re so flat and the edges are...

Penny Sue

Art Deco 4

Hi all can anyone tell me how I can find art deco fan to make out of modeling fondant one big one smaller, for a wedding cake, the cake is four tiers I’m looking for a cutter, or template, the one I can find in the uk is tiny. Thank you 😊

Help recreating this cake?? How to stick sprinkles to fondant?? 3

So I am a relatively new cake decorator. I’ve been baking for about six years but only since this year have I began to get into actually decorating, especially with fondant. I’m self taught so there is still a lot for me to learn. This week I am...

Placing a head on cake toppers 2

Hi everyone! ? My heads always go to the front side making the neck invisible or to the backside making a figurine as if it looks up in the sky. Does anyone have tips how to correctly place a head on a fondant topper or what to do generally, so...

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Cake Decorating Styles 8

Over the years I have seen so many interesting cake styles, from basic round cakes to tilted or wonky, mirror glazed, gravity defying, sculpted, Geodes and on and on. Each time I think I have learned everything there is to know about design some...

The Garden Baker

Not so new cakes appearing at top of page 1 2

At least 2 cakes that I commented on yesterday (and would normally appear on page 2 at least) now appear as if they have just been posted, at the top of page 1. At first I thought that the cake decorators / designers just put them up again, but...

The Garden Baker

A new look to the cake page? 40

Maybe it’s just my computer, but there seems to be a new look to the cake page. At first I couldn’t even figure out where /how to upload a comment. The “new” button seems to be gone. Then I found the “+” button. Changes make me uncomfortable...

Cupcake Pricing 4

I had a friend as for me to make some cupcakes and I was thinking about doing it. I don’t own a store and have only sold a couple of cheesecakes to coworkers in the past, I merely bake as a hobby. I’m not looking to get into this as a profession...

Cake decoration help! 3

Hi, I would like to make the cake pictured. Any idea how I can achieve this blue, and any idea how I could make the gold decorations? Many thanks


Christmas Contest Prize! 6

Hey everyone! I just had to share this with you all…. I was so happy to see my prize arrive through the post! I still cannot believe I actually won something because this has never happened to me like ever!!! Thank you Cakes Decor and...

Looking for help 1

Hi! I love baking. I’m a 20 year old student and live in Wales, UK. I’m wondering if someone could help me… I want to start posting pictures of my cakes on social media and if someone was to be interested in buying a cake, I’d love to make one...


Airbrush 6

Hello good people, I would like to buy an airbrush and start using them on cakes for practicals. Can someone please recommend a good one that I can buy?


Hello everyone! 1

Hey! Just introducing myself. I’ve been out of decorating/baking for a few years now (kids do that to a person) but slowly trying to ease back into things now. My oldest is 2.5 years and can entertain himself now for the most part (yay for...