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Hi I’m Michelle from UK. i got drawn to this site while looking at an elegant cake from this website. i hope to learn more techniques and ideas. the talents on this website is amazing.

Sassy Sweets By Jamie

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Can I just start off by saying how much I love this site and wish I had found it so much sooner! A little about me… as it states in my profile description, I fell in love with decorating after creating my daughters first birthday smash cake...

Moist Vanilla Cake 5

Hello bakers, I have been looking for a moist vanilla cake! The one I have always gets too dry and I have to pit lots of syrup on it. One that’s good with buttercream and can handle the weight of fondant for decorations and cover. Thanks

The Garden Baker

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I have pretty much decided that I would attach a partial sugar sheet to the part of the cake that would be a dummy cake so that I could do that part in advance. I’m wondering if ants might be attracted to a dry sugar sheet since this part might...

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Hi I’m Jenny. A novice to cake decorating. Would like to take an online course during these times. Hoping to learn a lot on this site. Thanks for allowing me to join.


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Hello I’m Sonia, new to this forum. I’m a mom of two boys trying to juggle life with baking, motherhood and career, always keeping busy. I’m not sure if this is the forum to ask questions but I’m curious to know if you prefer using buttercream or...

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Hello all ❤️❤️ My name is Ruby Im thrilled to be a part of this amazing community .I love baking and cake decorating since I was young, so when I got married and I had to quit my job for health issues . I started to search and educate myself...

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Hello, I am going to recreate this style of wedding cake (see photo) for a friend’s 50 yr anniversary. How would you recommend making the wings on the sides? It should not be a very hot day, no more than 70, likely 60s. The cake will be...

designed by mani

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I’m overwhelmed and honored to receive the awesome news! Glad to be a part of among friendly and very talented group of artists. Thank you Cakes Decor team!

what and how these flowers/decorations are made? 5

Hi, I would be very grateful if someone could share their knowledge as how these flowers are made? THank you

Aleja Jijón

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Hola a todos.. Mi nombre es Aleja Jijón es un gusto formar parte de este grupo.. Espero les gusten mis pasteles y si puedo ayudar en algo aquí estaré 😘😘


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Hi, dear friends! I just learned the amazing news that I became Cake decorator of the week. It is a great honor for me. I didn’t really expect that and I’m really looking forward to it. I wholeheartedly thank the CakesDekor team for choosing me....


Cake Decorator of the week. 22

I received an email on Sunday that I read only today and at first thought it was a scam. Am I the cake decorator of the week? It can only be a misunderstanding or a mistake. Even now, I have a hard time believing, I had to read four times to...

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Anyone know what the things are highlighted in my photo? Our normal cake baker is not feeling well and can’t make my daughters cake. I ordered a Publix cake but she wants me to make it look like this photo. Is this just an icing melt that they...


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Hi everyone! I just created a private facebook group where we, as bakers and cake decorators, can share and learn new recipes, techniques, and tips! Facebook groups are great to help each other out during cake struggles! I really hope you...

Jos Sluizeman

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Hi everyone it has been a while since I posted something. Had just taken a break. Now I have started my blown & pulled sugar confectionery again. My show piece is called golden pheasant. Made of isomal. I hope you like it.


Greetings from Holland! 12

Hello fellow cakemakers, My name is Simone and my little baking business is called “SugarNinja”. I’m from Holland, Europe and I love modeling, making (cup)cakes and decorating cookies. I’m not really new here but I haven’t yet been really...

Iced Biscuit Packaging 0

Hi everyone, I’m new to making iced biscuits and lookokg for nice packaging / clear lid boxes. I feel I’ve looked everywhere on the Internet and must be missing something. Can anyone suggest where I can buy some at a decent price, maybe starting...