Lily Blossom Cake Creations

Fully Booked, Sorry It's Not Personal 2

Hi, Do you find yourself apologising for having a busy small business? For me, there’s nothing worse than a friend, a family member or any potential customer asking you to create a cake for them, and then having to tell them that I’m...


Edible Gold Leaf 1

Imagine decorating a raspberry macaroon with pure gold, or teasing your taste buds with a golden opulent ice cream sundae. Tidoro provides premium edible gold leaf sheets to our customers, so that they can produce delightful desserts and...

il mondo di ielle


VALENTINE’S DAY CHALLENGE – IELLE vs 3D HEART: how small can I make it?

Majou blendys bake

Hi all 2

My name is majou, I have been making cake design for a year. My creations on my Facebook and Instagram page @blendysbake. I hope you’ll like them.


Thank you CakesDecor 4

Hello…I am so happy!!! 😊 and excited !!! Thank you CakesDecor for choosing my little white piano on the top 3, I can not stop smiling. I will share the good news with my special friend who was it made for, this is great!!!.❤


Hi 3

Hi everyone, I am Reshma, a self taught cake designer.. You can find my works in Youtube channel Bake Cake Design

Stylish baking

Stabilized whipped cream or Buttercream 4

Hi everyone hope your all well. I have a few questions: 1. Is it ok to ice a cake with stabilized Whipped cream when selling cakes to customers etc as I find it alot lighter and less sweet 2. Is it ok to fill a cake with whipped cream and...

Daisychain's Cakes

Cake decorator of the week 8

Thank you all for taking the time to look and comment on my recent work. I can’t believe I’m chosen as cake decorator of the week. Very proud ☺️🥰

Experimenting with Cookies. 2

So I start experimenting on cookies and I have one big problem. So I start using the best cookie recipe that Ive got and put some freshly cut mango’s in. Small pieces but enough to make it runny (totally wet) even after a few hours in the...


Cake Decorator of the Week 13

I am happy to be Cake Decorator of the Week. 🤎 Thank you so much for the number of views, likes, and comments on my work to everyone! Thank you very much for your work, CakesDecor admin group! Timea PUDING FARM _

The Garden Baker

Attention tech people: Cake Pics don't show up 23

There seems to be a site problem. The cake photos don’t show, not on the general board and not when they are clicked on.

Mariya's Cakes & Art

My Bulgaria Cake Collaboration 2

‘’MY BULGARIA Cake Collaboration" is the first and only all-Bulgarian sugar art collaboration, which was started in 2017 by chef Mariya Ozturk. Bulgarian sugar decorators are invited to participate and the topics they work on are always related...

Sugar figures 2

Hi everyone, Please suggest how to keep sugar figures dry in humid season. TIA

Icing SOS 3

I need some Icing advice please (and am a complete cake decorating novice!!) I’m making a Christmas cake for my dad and want it to look pretty and snowy with little gingerbread houses around the sides and ‘peaks’ of snow on top. Normally when I...

Olga Nadyshneva

Decorator of the week 4

I am very excited to be the decorator of the week! Thank you for paying attention to my works! It’s a great honor for me!