Hi everyone!

I know a lot of you have heard of edible images. Edible Images are a picture printed on edible frosting sheets or wafer paper. It can make some cakes a LOT easier!

I used to run a custom cake business for 7 years and constantly used edible images. I soon got into just selling edible images to help my fellow bakers. I have 4 kids and running a full time cake business was way too time consuming for me!

I have now been creating edible images for 3 years and have helped hundreds of bakers and moms. I would love to offer my fellow bakers here at CakesDecor a special coupon code, if you ever need an edible image printed, I’m your gal. I can print ANYTHING!

You can browse my website, if you need something not there just contact me!

Be sure to use the coupon code CAKESDECOR for 10% off your entire order!

Don’t forget to find me on Facebook! You can see pics of what my previous customers have created using my edible images!

Have a great day and bake on!

Shawndra Manning
ABC Edible Cake Art

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Hi Shawndra. Thanks so much for posting this. I was just looking into getting some images printed. I will contact you. I have a few questions.

Jennifer, https://www.facebook.com/PrimaCakesandCookies

 Edible images have revolutionized the world of cake and dessert decoration, offering a unique and creative way to personalize baked goods. These images are printed on special sheets of edible paper using edible  link , allowing bakers to transfer high-quality photographs, logos, or designs directly onto cakes, cookies, and other treats. Ideal for birthdays, weddings, and corporate events, edible images add a customized touch that can make any occasion extra special.