Jos Sluizeman

Isomalt 0

Showpiece Fruit. This showpiece fruit is made of isomalt and the base is made of sugar paste

Lesleyann  Ralph

fondant bulge 2

Please can some one help, when I buttercream my cakes I use ganache plates and get the buttercream really smooth, I put the cake in the fridge to set overnight, when I cover in fondant the bottom of the cake bulges out, what am I doing wrong, is...

Ganache airbrushing HELP! 1

I’m going to airbrush a oil based colour to my white chocolate ganache but what PSI should I set my compressor at?

Jos Sluizeman

Isomalt The Snail 0

Show piece The Snail. Made of blown & pulled isomalt

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Airbrushing on Ganache 18

Hi fellow cakers!…. Im making a white ganache drip cake this week and was wondering the best way to colour my white ganache pink? Should i colour the cream pink while im making my ganache, or can i ganache the cake in white first, then airbrush...

Noha Sami

Need an advice 0

Hello everyone My name is Noha and I am from Egypt. Need to know how to use the raw (powder) Isomalt to have the final look which will be used as a cake topper decorations. Thanks in advance

Rody academy

Peony flower 1


Jos Sluizeman

Golden pheasant showpiece 0

Golden pheasant made from blown and pulled sugar.

Swiss meringue buttercream help please! 1

Hi guys, So it was my first time making a SMBC. It tasted good but a little bit buttery. My problem is that it was too soft despite being smooth. I placed the bowl in the fridge for 20mins but still the same. It holds its shape fairly well but...

Michal Bulla

What is your main job? 33

Hey all, I’m not sure If we had forum topic like this, but I’m really interested in what is your main job? I know that some of you are lucky enough and do Cake Decorating as a hobby and for living as well, but I’m pretty sure that there are...

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Couture Cakers Collaboration 2020 Edition 9

Hi friends, we are LIVE this year with our fourth annual collab. This year’s theme is “Islamic Bridal Dress with Hijab”. Please come check us out and share away if you’d like. Thank you for...


Rude & Demanding clients 3

Hi all! I am new to the business of making cakes for other people as my own business and not at a bakery. Up to this point (two years into it) I have never had an unhappy client. A woman got a quote from me for a 3 tiered wedding cake. She didn’t...

Shell at Spotty Cake Tin

Global Isolation Group 0

Hey Everyone We have a fantastic global isolation group on facebook to keep our cake artists safe and entertained during lockdown from Covid. Come along and Join our group. If you are an artist who loves to demonstrate and teach, this is...

il mondo di ielle

Cake Decorator of the Week 18

Hey amazing artists! I’m very glad and so happy to be Cake Decorator of the Week! Thank you CakesDecor Team and thank you to everyone for the support!

Serdar Yener | Yeners Way - Cake Art Tutorials

Cake Decorator of the Week 8

Hey everyone! Thank you for all your continued support and love! Very happy to be Cake Decorator of the Week :)


Tall Cake Dummies 9

Hi All, Wondering if anyone had any ideas where I can buy tall cake dummies, I have some regular ones but wanted to see if anyone knew where I could get taller ones. Thanks J x

Course 4

Any on can help me for any online courses to teach me professional cake design

Dolcidea creazioni

Cake decorator of the week 8

Thanks for choosing me as the decorator of the week and thanks to everyone for the support😘


Cake decorator of the week 49

Hello everyone, CakesDecor members and friends! I wanted to thank you for choosing me as cake decorator of the week. I didn’t expect it! I’m experiencing a difficult moment in my life: yesterday my father broke his left thighbone. I had to...