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40th Bday Nursing theme- ideas needed!!!!!

Hi Guys—

Reaching out for some ideas— ANY ideas!! Ha

The cake is for this Saturday- a friend of a friend- so not a lot of personal info available to me— she is a nurse- who is taking a break from nursing (Im sure there is a story there but.. I don’t know what it is) - turning 40- we are all going to a mutual friends house for St Paddy party-

I was asked to incorporate nursing theme- but.. since 40 birthday is a big milestone birthday— I want to add that as well- maybe some flowers- or bling- or even a funny theme— I just cant seem to come up with a cohesive theme— not even sure this post is cohesive- ha

not a huge cake— I think one tier- MAYBE two- if design works- please any ideas- I can even take and combine suggestions- Im a little desperate-

thank you in advance—



Hi Mo,

am a newbie, but worked in a cake shop for a little over a year. a nurse theme injected with a 40th bday milestone (that works with either a 2 or 1 tier cake?)

> one suggestion = i’d say get some hints from “her” personal friends about what “the nurse” has been through in her life, the significant events (eg: marriage, job promotion, kids, personal accomplishments etc.) and create a symbolic image out of fondant or pastry ingredients/materials to embelish or decorate in your cake. it would really relate to “the nurse” or celebrant to see a cake that shows different symbolic images in her cake.

> incorporate some obvious decor that represents the nursing profession (eg: nursing hat, maybe some small hearts, a nurse smock? your choice)

> match it with a color palette of “the nurse’s” personality based on feedback from “her” friends (lets say maybe a dash of pink to show that default “care” that nurses have, a dash of lavender for some warmth, maybe even small accents of hot red for a “fab-forty” woman! and some accents of “the nurse’s” favorite color.

> some common themes that came up in the internet are (pearls, heels, fireworks, accents of certain type of jewelry maybe? fondant images of sports that she is into or hobbies that she is into) …

hopefully this helps you in some ways, my cousin is a nurse, and its her birthday by next week, and i am searching for an eggless cake recipe (since she is vegan and her hubby too which they have the same bday) so, i am also thinking of a decor that works for both of them – but with no eggs! whew! (and i still am learning to bake) she’s younger than 40 btw =)

also, i am gathering different opinions about pastry liners or cupcake liners, and would appreciate your feedback or your opinion via this poll -—>

just to note: i tried to bake puff-pastry with no egg-wash, texture-wise it came out good, but flavor wise nope, and it stuck to the parchment paper …..