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The story of one cake or how I “participated” in a fake cake competition

The story of one cake

This post is more of a warning to those who might consider participating in this FAKE competition next year. I want them to be aware that it's a scam and not worth their time, effort, and materials.

In July, I decided to participate in the international Cake Star competition under the category of 3D Crazy Cakes. The process of creating the cake was challenging and time-consuming, but the end result was truly worth it. Ultimately, I crafted an exquisite fairytale 3D cake. The work is rich in intricate details that immerse viewers in the enchanting world of the cake.

I submitted my work on time. According to the rules, I had to upload photos through a website where they are stored for only 7 days before disappearing, with visibility on whether the recipient downloaded the photos. I had to upload them three times because the photos disappeared twice within the first 14 days, as no one had downloaded them. On the third attempt, after constant reminders on WhatsApp, I received a notification that the photos had finally been downloaded. Perhaps, it was to make me stop bothering them.

The deadline for participants to submit their entries was September 30, 2023. According to the competition rules, finalists were supposed to be announced on November 15, 2023, and the super finalists on December 15, 2023. However, something went awry, and on November 15, participants discovered on the competition's Instagram page that the finalists would only be announced between December 20-25. There was no mention of super finalists. Additionally, the competition website, which contains all the rules, prizes, and deadlines, mysteriously stopped working. Meanwhile, comments from winners of the previous year surfaced on Instagram and Facebook under the post about the date postponement, revealing that they still hadn't received their monetary prizes promised in the competition conditions. Why didn't they speak up earlier when the 2023 competition began? Many popular pastry chefs were announced as judges for this competition, adding credibility to the belief that it was a genuine contest.

As it is evident, nothing happened on December 20-25 either. They disappeared again, ignoring the comments from the participants.

Regardless of the competition you choose to participate in, invest time in verifying the reliability of the organizers: examine past years' events and so on. Participation by well-known contestants or judges alone doesn't guarantee it's not a scam.

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