Would you buy this?...

I have been talking with my dad about creating a heavy duty electric cake wheel with adjustable speeds. The already have a few out there for cakes but they are slow for lace work etc…. We are thinking about making one that can turn up to 100 rpm so you can frost smooth cake with it and even sculpt chocolate into vases etc.. basically so you can get a smooth finish without getting a crease every time you have to return the table but prevents you from having to buy a really heavy and expensive pottery wheel. The price range would be about 200 dollars and it would have 5 speed settings. Very slow for lace work, two medium speeds for boarders and two fast speeds for frosting. Just wondering what kind of market there would be? Speeds would be adjustable via a foot petal. I’d love your thoughts and input on if you would buy it or not.


Karen's Kakery

It sounds interesting but I think we need to see either a video or diagrams to explain clearer because it’s hard to visualise.


Yes I too agree with Karen, we need to look at the video or presentation first then we can judge.


Me To I agree with Karen and Angela.