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Hi All,
I hope all is well! I am new to the baking business world. My family really wants to support my plans and would like to help buy me a gift. I have the basic wilton fondant tools and icing tips that comes along the courses that michaels offers, however, what would be the best decorating tools kit i could invest in now? I am doing/ taking orders now and would like to be more efficient and professional. Your opinions and suggestions are much appreciated!


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I wouldn’t be without “The Mat” for rolling out my fondant. A good,sturdy icing turntable too. I’m sure everyone else has lots of suggestions too.Indispensable to me are sterile acupuncture needles for stabbing those pesky air bubbles that appear in your fondant! And of course the little wooden cocktail stick is an essential item in every decorators kit! Good luck and enjoy! X

If you plan to make gumpaste flowers, the best tool you can purchase is a pasta roller. You can get manual ones but I love my electric one. It is so very easy to roll gumpaste paper thin with this and you just cannot do that with a roller. You can also purchase one that fits on a Kitchen Aid mixer. I consider this my best tool in my kitchen.

June Lynch, Dundas, Ontario, Canada

Hello!! Thank you for these suggestions. I did recently invest in ‘The Mat’ and I agree, it is the BEST thing ever!! I will definitely look into the other suggestions! :) Thank you for taking the time to respond


 Selecting the best decorating tools depends on your specific needs and preferences, as well as the type of decorating projects you'll be undertaking.