Hi My name is Dima and confectioner.I don’t know my life without this profession) When I started this ,I didn’t know so much, become a fan of cakes))Over time began to realize that,I found myself in this profession, and his calling in life and beyond!!! be glad it happened!
Understand that you need to work on yourself, improve your skills in the art of pastry.So do not judge strictly!!

Here’s my Christmas cake! 2016 discovered his ability to draw)

Welcome ! Bravo master ! I will be happy to follow you and enjoy your creativity!

Svetlana Antonova

Thank you for your appreciation of my efforts)) I will continue to upload pictures of my work

Hi Dmytrii,thank you so much for the follow,I’m very flattered as you are SO talented! Following you back.x

Hi Dima, nice to meet you. Thanks for the follow, I love your work and I’m following you back 😊


Hi Dima!!!thank you for your comments, you have some awesome jobs! New follower !!!

Raquel García Martínez

Amazing cakes. It’s my pleasure to follow you.

Heavenly Scrumptious

Your cakes are not just pretty amazing but full of passion. Thank you for following me. I see lots of inspiration coming from you,
I love all things cake:)

Amazing cakes, Dmytrii! I am your new follower.