My name is Svetlana, I was born and raised in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) my grandmother used to make Cakes for the Archimandrite of St. Isaac's Cathedral .I started cooking at the age of eleven years,and I have a profession pastry chef ,but not work in the profession . I have a granddaughter , I always make dessert for the family and sometimes take orders, but I really want to learn and improve and I came to you .to study and admire your skill!


Hello ! I’m from St. Petersburg.

Svetlana Antonova

Your work is amazing..those cookie you just posted are beautiful! New follower

Angel Cakes

Thank you for these words ,I laughed a lot ! I have no financial possibilities , the imagination is there , but everything else has gone !and I’m still not sure who will buy my cookies.

Svetlana Antonova

Hi darling, nice to meet you! Thank you for following me back :)


Hello ,I’m pleased to meet you!

Svetlana Antonova

Your work is gorgeous, Sweet Pear, especially your painted Christmas ball. You definitely need to do more painted cakes! I am following you, too! Thank you for your kind works!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Sandra! Thank you so much ! I have been drawing since childhood ,but education is not received .Thanks for the advice will draw on the cakes often!

Svetlana Antonova

Hello Svetlana, i love you work, you have a new follower


Mina Bakalov,Bianca !Thank you !very nice!

Svetlana Antonova