Fashion Cakes

BoHo Chic - Cake by Radoslava Kirilova (Radiki's Cakes)
It's Always Winter Somewhere - Cake by PUDING FARM
Louis Vuitton & Chanel - Cake by Maira Liboa
Sugar Art 4 Autism - Cake by Bety'Sugarland by Elisabete Caseiro
Luxe in Ivory & Green  - Cake by Nikita Mahmood
3D  Luis Vuitton bag - Cake by Torty Zeiko
Lady topper - Cake by SomaHaleem
Ian Stuart.Mother of the Bride - Cake by Calli Creations
Swagged-Out Sixteenth B-day Cake - Cake by Shanita
Makeup! - Cake by Homebaker
Father and daughters - Cake by dina sokker
foxy at 50  - Cake by Alicia's CB
Paris birthday cake - Cake by Konstantina - K & D's Sweet Creations
Autumn sparkle - Cake by Cake Heart
Autumn - Cake by Cake Heart
Birthday cake - Cake by Tortolandia